100+ UK Scholarships for Ghanaian Students 2022/2023

Desmond Tutu Scholarships for Undergraduate degree at King’s College London UK

The Desmond Tutu Scholarship is one of King’s Scholarships which will directly benefit students entering higher education.

For more information, visit the Desmond Tutu Scholarship.

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships for International Students


Bristol University is investing £500,000 to help the brightest and best international students come to the University of Bristol. 26 Think Big Undergraduate scholarships and 26 Think Big Postgraduate scholarships are available for courses starting in 2019.


For more information, visit the Bristol University Think Big Scholarships.

University College, London Scholarships


  1. Im a Ghanaian student, plx i have problem on financial Assistance.plx i need ur grading system
    I want to study veterinary medicine

  2. It my dream to study electrical engineering in abroad,because there I will be to improve my prowess and enthusiasm.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. it’s my flourished to study abroad or even to feather up my education but hmmmm financial problem I am now staying at home for six years now.please if would have get me help, due to my father passed away and I don’t have any body to push Me
    in. from day one I was started schooling primary to Senior high school.at SHS during vacation time I usually go for hired any amount that I got. I used to settle some of the Dept until completed school.please I need your helps


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