Career Opportunities for Library and Information Science Graduates

In a world filled with lots of information, there is a need for people to collect, organise and process information that would be user-friendly for the general public.

Over the years there has been a need for improving the quality of information one gets as it is important in any area we find ourselves.

But at the same time, there is a need for people who have an understanding of user experience to aid us with information gathering.


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What is Library and Information Science?

Library and Information Science is a broad field which cuts across all fields with the aim of collecting , organising and processing data.

Librarians are also saddled with improving user experience and information structuring as the world continues to revolve around technology.

With Information Science, you can apply your knowledge for information, technology and libraries in either traditional or more exciting settings that excites you.

Also, you can contribute to the development of your community by encouraging adequate reading culture amongst young children as a librarian.

What skills do you need as a Librarian?

As a librarian, you would need these set of skills to succeed in any field you decide to pursue

These include:

  • Good Communication skills
  • IT and Data analysis skills
  •  Excellent Research skills
  • Respecting and paying attention to readers needs
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Being Accessible, Authentic and Flexible

The Requirement to Study Library and Information Science in Ghana

Candidates who would love to study Library and Information Science in Ghanian universities offering this course should:

  •  Pass the entrance examination above average score
  • Have good Waec results
  • Have an Art/science-related background

You should also know that you might be required to take certifications which give you a licence to practice fully as a librarian.


What Kind of Job Can I get as a Librarian?

With a degree in Library and Information Science, there are many career options for you to consider some of which include:

  • Academic librarian
  • Law librarian
  • School librarian
  • Data curator
  • Emerging technology librarian
  • Business librarian
  • Project research analyst
  • Archivist

This list isn’t exhaustive but you might consider obtaining more professional qualifications(either postgraduate or certifications) in order to have a competitive advantage or practice in your desired field.

Work Experience as a Librarian

Work experience in community/school libraries as a part-time worker can be a good place to start. Also demonstrating good knowledge of information processing and library ethics would set you apart quickly.

Extracurricular clubs and societies, including volunteering at the community libraries, can help to develop your understanding in Library and Information Science.

Universities in Ghana Where You Can Study Library and Information Science

To become a librarian you would either need a bachelors degree or masters degree from an institution which is accredited some include:


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