International Relations Careers: Opportunities for Graduates


The world continues to be a global village, one with distinct features and different cultural heritage. However, there is a need for different countries in the world to interact with one another in fostering good relationships.

International Relations helps to address issues that might arise from globalization or create strategies for international peace. A career in International Relations can lead you to prolific job opportunities both in private and public sectors.

As an International Relationship expert, you’ll need to keep track of current world trends, understand your countries political edifice and identify any potential risks.

What is International Relations?

The Field of International relation is diverse as it allows you to investigate the features of relationships between different countries and apply this understanding in offering more strategies to promote their working together.

International relations revolve around globalization, diplomatic relations , local and international security, the sustainability of world power, economic development and finance, as well as possible threats or violation to human rights.

International relations experts could also be known as:

  • Research officer in government parastatals
  • International development worker
  • Diplomat
  • Political analyst
  • Policy officer
  • Translation specialist
  • Foreign affairs journalist/policy analyst
  •  Finance analyst
  •  Historian
  • International relations lawyer
  •  Administrator in an NGO
  • Immigration officer

Industries Where a Degree in International Relations is Useful

As an International Relations experts, you can work across a variety of sectors some of which include:

  • United Nations
  • Embassies both home and abroad
  • NGO’s such as UNICEF, UN
  • Government Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Academia
  •  International Finance Organisations ie IMF, World bank

Responsibilities Required as an International Relations Officer

As an International Relations experts, you will need to:

  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. You should also have a broad knowledge of other foreign languages including the ability to translate  to a wide audience
  •  Present information and data from a variety of sources
  • Critically approach information in a tactful way in order to  find possible solutions to existing or arising issues
  • Having a great knowledge of cultural and global awareness
  • Great teamwork skills demonstrated by working with others to achieve common goals
  • Time management skills
  • The use of technology to research and present data obtained.
  • Project management skills

Qualifications to Become an International Relations Officer

You can get into international relations with a degree in any art-related subject. However, studying towards a foundation degree, HND or degree in sociology or international relations will provide practical knowledge about the commercial aspects of projects.

As a new graduate, you’re unlikely to go straight into the big glamorous jobs in international relations. You may start off in a junior or assistant position, with the opportunity to progress to management as you develop experience.

In some sectors, your area of expertise will be more important during a job interview or career advancement procedures. You can move into international relations from technical roles after gaining experience in a project team or in a supporting administrative role.

Work Experience with Project Management Jobs

Work experience in policymaking,analysis of local and international politics will help you to get into international relations. Look for opportunities in supporting roles, such as administrator, policy assistant and finance analyst. While still working in supporting roles, it’s possible to undertake professional qualifications to progress into management.

Extracurricular clubs and societies, including volunteering in international organisations such as UNICEF, WHO etc can help to develop your project skills.

Skills to Include in Your CV for International Relations Jobs

During your degree, you should develop specific skills that employers look for including analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills. Besides, you can also improve on some other skills like:

  • Ability to multitask
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Good negotiation skills especially on the international scene
  • Critical thinking and making decisions under pressure
  • Ability to carry out independent research within a short time frame.

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