Architect Job Description – What Are their Duties


All the wonderful buildings, skyscrapers and state of the art facilities have something in common, they were designed by a great architect. They required the service of one who knows how to design, pay attention to detail and create something unique. This is why architects are always our go-to for any construction-related project.

 Job Profile For Architects

Design is one important aspect of architecture in fact, it is the first step to take in planning the construction of a building. Much time is devoted to the design process because of the quality work required to be done and the cost implication of such projects. Most people require that you have a hand-drawn sketch for the required design although technology has made it easier with various applications. Also, working 9-5 might be subject to review for longer hours especially during periods where there are more demands than usual or the clients brings forward the delivery date.

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 Job Description Of Architects

The daily schedule of an architect includes;
  • Understanding client needs.
  • Using desired software to make quality designs for clients
  • Improving design skills by taking professional courses or attending conferences
  • Prepare cost-implications in budgets for building projects
  • Carrying out meetings with engineers and other team members to discuss the building plan.

Skills to Be Included in Your CV

Some of the relevant skills you should include in your cv for your application to stand out during the consideration process includes:

  • Analytical skills
  • Creativity
  • Adequate use of computer software for designing
  • Presentation and Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Good eye for detail and observations
  • Knowledge of the theoretical aspects of architecture
  • Ability to work well under pressure.

Typical Employers of Architects

As an architect, some of the places where you can start working to gain relevant experience includes:

  • Construction companies
  • Architectural consulting firms
  • Planning departments of governmental agencies
  • Urban and regional planning offices

Qualification For Architects

As an architect, starting out in your career might not be very easy but you have to be determined even while you are still a junior architect. This is because most times, people and companies might not want to give you jobs due to your lack of experience. But, If you look for internship positions, you might be able to get more jobs through recommendations from older colleagues.

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