Bankers Salary Structure in Ghana: How Much Do Bankers Earn?


A lot of people pursue a career in financial institutions due to the financial packages that are involved. People also see banking job as a very reputable one. A reason why a lot of people want to know bankers salary structure in Ghana.

They may be other reasons why people want to know how much bankers earn. It could be merely for information purpose, it could also be so that you know how to answer the question of salary when attending an interview for a banking job.

In this post, you’ll learn about bankers salary structure in Ghana, and how much they earn on a monthly basis. However, before we go into that who is a banker?

Who is a Banker?

A banker is an individual that is employed by a bank or financial institution to serve the financial needs of clients. These clients can be individuals or institutions. A banker tries to maximize the profit of a bank while maintaining appropriate risk levels.

Although the role of bankers differs considerably, they all must serve the financial needs of their clients.

Personal bankers may work directly with clients opening small business accounts and overseeing other financial transactions. Commercial bankers process loans for prospective entrepreneurs, while investment bankers connect financiers with possible investment opportunities.

Salaries of Bankers in Ghana

They’ve been a lot of research as to how much bankers earn in Ghana. It is important to know that the pay of bankers varies considerably for so many reasons.

The amount paid to bankers in Ghana varies based on the position occupied, qualification, years of experience, and status of employment. An entry-level banker does not earn the same as a banker in a managerial position. Furthermore, salaries differ drastically between different banking jobs.

According to survey, A person working in Banking in Ghana typically earns around 5,779 GHS per month. However, you can see a complete list of different banking positions and their respective salaries.

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Bankers Salary Structure in Ghana

Job TitleMonthly Pay
AML Analyst6,780 GHS
Assistant Bank Branch Manager6,066 GHS
Assistant Bank Manager6,962 GHS
ATM Manager6,420 GHS
ATM Service Technician3,326 GHS
Bank Accounts Analyst4,778 GHS
Bank Accounts Controller5,234 GHS
Bank Accounts Executive5,584 GHS
Bank Accounts Manager5,856 GHS
Bank Auditing Manager6,144 GHS
Bank Branch Manager7,094 GHS
Bank Clerk3,395 GHS
Bank Compliance Specialist4,736 GHS
Bank Manager10,437 GHS
Bank Operational Risk Manager7,248 GHS
Bank Operations Head8,647 GHS
Bank Operations Officer4,969 GHS
Bank Operations Specialist6,331 GHS
Bank Process Manager4,970 GHS
Bank Product Manager5,562 GHS
Bank Programme Manager6,426 GHS
Bank Project Manager6,639 GHS
Bank Propositions Manager6,413 GHS
Bank Quantitative Analyst5,322 GHS
Bank Regional Manager7,688 GHS
Bank Regional Risk Officer5,204 GHS
Bank Relationship Manager6,212 GHS
Bank Relationship Officer4,832 GHS
Banker4,536 GHS
Banking Business Analyst5,439 GHS
Banking Business Development Officer4,777 GHS
Banking Business Planning Executive6,617 GHS
Banking Product Manager6,146 GHS
Banking Reference Data Manager5,707 GHS
Banking Risk Analyst5,426 GHS
Banking Technical Analyst4,541 GHS
Bankruptcy Coordinator5,565 GHS
Budget Analyst5,129 GHS
Cards Marketing Manager6,817 GHS
Cash Management Manager7,350 GHS
Check Processing Manager6,855 GHS
Commercial Vault Associate5,092 GHS
Corporate Dealer5,631 GHS
Credit Analyst6,346 GHS
Credit and Collections Manager6,674 GHS
Credit Card Fraud Investigator5,575 GHS
Credit Portfolio Manager7,902 GHS
Credit Risk Analyst6,426 GHS
Credit Risk Associate5,965 GHS
Direct Bank Sales Representative4,934 GHS
Financial Bank Planning Consultant6,220 GHS
Financial Banking Analysis Manager6,320 GHS
Financial Banking Assistant4,661 GHS
Financial Banking Systems Manager6,497 GHS
Foreign Exchange Manager6,625 GHS
Fraud Analyst5,431 GHS
Fraud Detection Associate5,372 GHS
Fraud Detection Manager6,624 GHS
Fraud Detection Supervisor5,332 GHS
Internal Bank Audit Manager7,249 GHS
Internal Bank Auditor5,218 GHS
International Banking Manager8,743 GHS
Loan Analyst5,331 GHS
Loan Area Manager6,112 GHS
Loan Audit Team Leader6,237 GHS
Loan Branch Manager6,066 GHS
Loan Business Development Officer5,055 GHS
Loan Clerk3,722 GHS
Loan Collection Manager5,683 GHS
Loan Collector3,342 GHS
Loan Examiner4,134 GHS
Loan Processing Manager5,014 GHS
Loan Processor4,570 GHS
Loan Quality Assurance Auditor5,659 GHS
Loan Quality Assurance Manager6,186 GHS
Loan Quality Assurance Representative4,850 GHS
Loan Review Manager5,367 GHS
Loan Team Leader5,269 GHS
Mortgage Advisor4,939 GHS
Mortgage Collection Manager5,995 GHS
Mortgage Collector4,030 GHS
Mortgage Credit Analyst4,568 GHS
Mortgage Credit Manager5,084 GHS
Mortgage Development Manager6,165 GHS
Mortgage Document Reviewer4,268 GHS
Mortgage Funding Manager6,700 GHS
Mortgage Operations Manager7,397 GHS
Mortgage Payment Processing Clerk3,789 GHS
Mortgage Processing Manager5,967 GHS
Mortgage Processor4,169 GHS
Mortgage Quality Assurance Auditor5,309 GHS
Mortgage Quality Assurance Manager5,454 GHS
Mortgage Servicing Clerk3,203 GHS
Mortgage Servicing Manager5,473 GHS
Mortgage Underwriter3,707 GHS
Online Banking Manager7,163 GHS
Payment Processing Clerk3,428 GHS
Personal Banker5,102 GHS
Personal Banking Advisor5,295 GHS
Phone Banker4,624 GHS
Private Banker5,931 GHS
Reconciliation and Investigation Specialist4,766 GHS
Teller3,230 GHS
Trade Officer3,914 GHS
Trade Product Manager5,676 GHS
Trader4,435 GHS
Treasury Operations Officer5,217 GHS


We believe you’ve learn about bankers salary structure in Ghana. However, they might be a slight difference between the actual salary and those quoted on this page. Different financial institutions have different pay scale, however, they fall within the same range. With this you can now decide wether to pursue a career in the banking sector.

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