Career Opportunities for Guidance and Counselling Graduates in Ghana

The need to have someone to talk with about our emotional, career or mental problems can be overwhelming sometimes.

You might even be wondering why it’s important to talk about your problems. Well as much as its not something we all are comfortable doing.

Communication with individuals, therapists and counsellors has a way of making us feel better. Carrying out this activity requires expertise and good audience engagement skill set on the part of a counsellor.


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What is Guidance and Counselling?

Guidance and Counselling is the field of study that trains people with skills required to help others make better decisions as regards their situation.

As a counsellor, people look up to you as one who has the answers to their questions.

Therefore to become an effective Counsellor, It is important that you carry out therapies or counselling based on the codes of conduct guiding your practice in each country.

What skills do you need as a Counsellor?

As a Counsellor, having these skills demonstrates your competence and understanding to your Prospective employer.

Furthermore, these skills show your prospective clients that you are trustworthy and equipped to attend to their emotional needs.

These include:

  • Good Listening and Observational skills
  • Critical thinking
  •  Patience and Not being judgmental
  •  Problem-solving skills
  • Respecting Clients Confidentiality
  • Excellent Communication and Writing skills
  • Being Accessible, Authentic and Flexible

The Requirement to Study Counselling in Ghana

Candidates who would love to study Guidance and Counselling in Ghanian universities offering this course should:

  • Ensure that they Pass the entrance examination
  • Have good Waec results
  • Have an Art-related background

You should also know that you might be required to take certifications and exams which give you a licence to practice fully as a counsellor.

What Kind of Job Can I get as a Counsellor?

With a degree in Guidance and Counselling, there are many career options for you to consider some of which include:

  •  Career Counselor(in schools)
  • Marriage/Family Counselor
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Clinical Therapist
  • Personal Consultation Services
  • Administrator( Student Affairs)
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselor
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Geriatric Counselor
  • Social and Community Service Counsellor

This list isn’t exhaustive but you might consider obtaining more professional qualifications in order to have a competitive advantage or practice in your desired field.


Work Experience with Counselling Jobs

Work experience in community/school counselling can be a good place to start. Also demonstrating good knowledge of ethical procedures involved in counselling would set you apart quickly.

Extracurricular clubs and societies, including volunteering at Rehabilitation centres and schools, can help to develop your career in counselling.

Joining a professional body as a student member can give you opportunities to network with other professionals, keep your skills up to date through training and point you towards job opportunities.

Universities in Ghana Where You Can Study Guidance and Counselling

To become a counsellor you would either need a bachelors degree or masters degree from an institution which is accredited some include:




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