Mechanical Engineering Careers: Opportunities for Graduates


One thing I love about the engineering field is the diversity and importance of different types of engineering programs in today’s world. Engineering aids every aspect of development in every community, therefore its relevance in the labor market as long as there are innovations to improve society’s way of living.

As society continues to evolve so does career opportunities abound both in the private and public sectors of the economy for engineering graduates. Most engineers who want a field in engineering that can be applied to other fields specialize in mechanical engineering.

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What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering as a field is centered around the study, design, production, and maintenance of different types of equipment. Although one of the broadest and oldest disciplines, mechanical engineers apply their knowledge from physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. in the production of safety equipment for the public.

Look around from your computer, drilling, or manufacturing equipment a mechanical engineer’s interest lies in making that equipment safe, accessible, and economical. You would be required to work alongside architects, civil engineers, and medical personnel to research, design, and advise them on the most appropriate approach for equipment design and maintenance.

Industries Where a Mechanical Engineer Can Work in Ghana

As a Mechanical Engineer, you can work in various positions across the industries such:

  • aerospace engineering
  • civil engineering
  • construction
  • energy and power
  • manufacturing industries
  • medicine and research
  • Transport engineering
  • sports
  • government parastatals
  • Robotics.

Responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, you should:

  • Be able to analyze and interpret information on design systems
  • Give appropriate information on measurements and materials required for the manufacture of equipment.
  • Have good interpersonal communication skills, especially with professionals in other fields, in order to come up with safe designs for people and their environment.
  • Be goal-oriented and have a good eye for details
  • Be organized and able to multitask

Qualifications to Become a Mechanical Engineer

You can get into Mechanical engineering with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Furthermore, studying towards a master’s degree in mechanical engineering will provide more practical knowledge about the commercial aspects of projects in mechanical engineering.

Work Experience with Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Look out for opportunities in supporting roles, such as an intern in manufacturing industries or in design teams. With experience and professional qualifications, your progressing into management would be a smooth one. Joining a  professional body for a relevant experience that would enable you to function better as a mechanical engineer, later on, is highly important.

Skills to Include in Your CV for Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Some of the skills to include in your CV includes:

  •  Organizational skills
  • Strong skills in working alongside other teams members
  • Ability to understand technical  design information
  • Critical thinking and mathematical ability
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills;
  •  Communication skills both written and verbal
  • Ability to solve problems using both logic and creative innovative approaches
  • Knowledge of computer and IT
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Ability to plan, prioritize and work with deadlines

Universities in Ghana Where You Can Study Mechanical Engineering



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