Top 10 German Universities to Study Engineering 2023

Germany is one of the best study destinations for most programs including Engineering. The country boasts of a number of universities and colleges which consistently ranked among the best universities.

Furthermore, a large number of leading global organizations are based in Germany, and many universities maintain cordial relationships with some of these organizations, which gives graduates unique opportunities for internship, valuable work experience, and a route to post-graduation employment. Additionally, students get to experience a unique and diverse culture in Germany.

Presently, there are nearly 100,000 international students studying Engineering-related programs in different universities in Germany.

If you’re getting ready to take on the challenge of studying engineering in Germany, perhaps you want to choose the best universities. In this post, we’ve outlined the top 10 German universities to study Engineering.



The following criteria were used in evaluating the universities:

1. University’s Reputation: The universities were evaluated based on their ranking in Germany and on the World University Rankings.

2. Graduates’ Employability: An investigation of the employability of recent graduates from each university was carried out. Universities which had the highest percentage of graduates being employed immediately or shortly after graduation were short-listed. Graduates’ employability indices give insight into the quality of education at each university and how well the university system equips the students for the world of work.

3. Infrastructure: The quality and status of facilities and infrastructure were also evaluated for each university. Even though the facilities in German universities are generally good, some universities invest in procuring state-of-the-art infrastructure, which makes them stand out from the others.

These three key criteria were used in evaluating the universities and in generating a list of the top ten institutions for studying Engineering in Germany.

Top 10 German Universities to Study Engineering

Below is the list of the top ten best German universities to study Engineering for both local and international students.

1. Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM)

Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) is the best university to study Engineering in Germany and one of the best in the world. Due to the high quality of education, many young and aspiring Engineers dream of studying at this prestigious university.

TUM is also one of the oldest universities in Germany and was established as far back as 1868. The university offers programs such as Electrical Engineering, Environment and Climate Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Energy and Raw Materials Engineering, Material Engineering, and a host of others.

Interestingly, Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) is ranked second in German University Ranking and 43rd on the world ranking.

2. Technical University of Berlin

Second on the list of best universities in Germany to study Engineering is the Technical University of Berlin. The University is one of the highest-ranking Engineering universities in Germany and all over the world.

According to the THE World University Ranking 2020, the Technical University of Berlin is ranked 13th and 149 in the world. It is also a distinguished member of the TU9, which is essentially an elite association of the 9 best technology institutes, colleges and universities in Germany.

TU Berlin is also known for having a relatively high number of international students spread across various departments and disciplines. Students here are afforded opportunities to engage in study-abroad and exchange programs to gain valuable work experience and to prepare them for their careers after graduation. Graduates from this university are also in high demand in the job market, which is evidence of the high quality of education at the university.

3. Karlsruher Institut fur Technologies

This is one of the most prestigious colleges of Engineering in the world, and also the third-best Engineering university in Germany. It boasts a world-class campus with state-of-the-art facilities, renown faculty staff, and innovative programs to help meet the challenges of the 21st century. Graduates of Engineering from this university are always in high demand in the job market.

4. RWTH Aachen

Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen is one of the leading universities to study Engineering (and STEM programs in general) in Germany and indeed other parts of the world.

It belongs to the elite group the nine the best technical universities in Germany, called the TU9. According to the Queens World University Rankings, RWTH Aachen ranks 53rd on the overall list of engineering universities and colleges all over the world, while it comes 4th in Germany.

The university also has a large percentage of international students, and several thousand apply to study there each year. Program specialities that are currently available in the department of Engineering include Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Computational Engineering, and a host of others.

5. BTU Cottbus – Senftenberg

The Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus – Senftenberg offers interdisciplinary research, innovative teaching, current industry knowledge and proven approaches to transformative higher education that delivers the best graduates in a wide variety of fields.

BTU trains its graduates to be competent in addressing the complex 21st-century problems in the workplace; hence they place heavy emphasis on practicals, internships, study exchange programs and schemes to enable students to learn and gain valuable experience both in class and out of class.

Program specialities available in the department of Engineering at BTU Cottbus – Senftenberg include Electrical engineering, Power engineering, Technology of Biogenic Raw Materials, Process Technology – Process and Plant Technology, Business Administration and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Processing Technologies of Materials, and a host of others.

6. Magdeburg University

Also referred to as Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, this university happens to be one of the youngest universities in Germany, having been established only two-and-a-half decades ago.

It was formed from the merger of the defunct Technical University, the old Teacher Training College, and the Medical School. The stand-out feature about this university is the exceptional array of study options and programs in the field of Engineering.

Irrespective of your career interests, you are sure to find a matching program at the department of Engineering. Programs offered at Magdeburg University include Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Sports Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Mathematical Engineering, Environmental and Energy Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and a host of others.

7. TU Kaiserslautern

Established in 1970, this university is one of the lesser-known institutions in Germany, yet they offer great education and exceptional student support services to both local and international students.

They are one of the best universities in Germany to study Engineering programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and students are also afforded amazing opportunities to gain relevant industry experience while they study.

Fields of specialization in Engineering that are available at TU Kaiserslautern include (but are not limited to): Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Material Engineering, Wood Technology, and Mechanical Engineering.

8. Universitat Stuttgart

Also referred to as the University of Stuttgart, this university is also very popular among international students. Students here are treated to world-class learning facilities and infrastructure, renown academics in various fields, and a multicultural environment that fosters learning and cross-cultural partnerships.

The University of Stuttgart is known for its Engineering programs, which are one of the best in Germany. They combine sound theoretical teaching with practical knowledge and exercises, and also offer strong student support services to ease the transition into the world of work.

9. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich

Located in the heart of Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) is one of Germany’s finest universities for studying Engineering programs. The university is very popular among international students, and they boast one of the highest populations of international students studying in Germany.

The university is one of the most dynamic in Europe in terms of engineering and technical education, offering world-class education and student support services to both local and international students.

Furthermore, the university is also tuition-free for all students, and they offer several programs in English language medium. Based on the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2020, LMU ranks 32nd in the world overall.

10. University of Heidelberg

The University of Heidelberg offers an exceptional education to both local and international students enrolled in any of their undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programmes. Since its inception, the university has produced several top graduates who have gone on to become distinguished leaders and experts in their respective fields.

The department of Engineering at the university boasts a large state-of-the-art library, practical laboratories and internet-enabled lecture theatres to give students enriching and engaging learning experience. Every year, thousands of students apply to study here, and their acceptance rates are high.


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