Top 10 Jobs for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

The Mechanical Engineering Field can be said to be at the center of Engineering because its techniques and skills have been employed in other areas of engineering over the years.


Due to the diversity in the Mechanical Engineering Field, there has been a high demand for mechanical engineers all over the world.

In this article, I would be sharing with you some of the best jobs you can get as a graduate of Mechanical Engineering.



What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is the application of the principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering from design to manufacturing to the marketplace for any object. Mechanical engineers analyze their work using the principles of motion, energy, and force—ensuring that designs function safely, efficiently, and reliably, all at a competitive cost.

Mechanical Engineers are individuals who help to design, process and test different types of equipment and devices.

If you have ever wondered how cars are designed, aeroplanes are built and machines are designed. Then you should know that whatever finished work you might be seeing has required the services of a mechanical engineer.

What Can I do to become a Mechanical Engineer

To become a Mechanical Engineer, you would be required to either obtain a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

For Postgraduate programs, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering related programs, while bachelor’s programs would require that you have a knowledge of maths, physics, and chemistry.

What Skills Should I have as a Mechanical Engineer?

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Employers are looking for Engineers who demonstrate the following skills:

  • Analytical skills
  • Project management
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to deliver projects within short-time periods
  • Ability to work under pressure.

Top 10 Jobs for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Mechanical engineering is among the highest-paid engineering specialty in the world. Due to the diversity in the Mechanical Engineering Field, you would be able to enjoy an exciting career within any industry. Some of the Jobs  you can get as a Mechanical engineer includes

1. Aerospace Engineer

As an Aerospace Engineer, you would be involved directly with designing, developing and maintaining different equipment types in the aerospace industry.

Some of the places you can work within the aerospace industry include in the design of Aircraft, missiles, and vehicles used in space.

2. Materials Engineer

Working as a Materials Engineer would be a great choice if interested in the development process involved in the creation of biological devices.

Most of your work as an Engineer would require that you apply principles in biology, physics, and mechanical engineering in developing good equipment.

3. Industrial Engineer

A career in the manufacturing industry would be a good choice if working on devices used in the Daily production process excites you.

As an Industrial Engineer, most of your work would be to ensure the maximum efficiency of the machines used in production companies.

4. Automotive Engineer

The recent advancements in technology have been introduced in many business sectors.

This has seen that people learn IT-related skills which are in high demand these days.

As an Automotive Engineer, you would help to develop innovative technologies that would make devices more user-friendly.

5. Transport Engineer

Mechanical Engineers help to design a more efficient transport process to ensure faster and more efficient transportation.

If you are thinking of solving problems within the transport sector then you can partner with other engineers who work in these sectors.

6. Finance

Finance? yes, because of your knowledge of mathematics and critical thinking skills, a career in Finance might be a good fit for you.

Some Mechanical engineers who make a career change into the finance industry claim that what they learn while getting a degree usually gives them an edge in problem-solving within the industry.

7. Academics

In universities and colleges, Mechanical Engineers who are academics teach the principles of Mechanical Engineering to students both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Projects carried out by students under adequate supervision may be used to implement new solutions in areas where Mechanical engineering is applicable.

8. Consultant for Engineering Firms

You can decide to work on your own as an Engineer, But you would be at a better advantage if you obtain a master’s degree and Project Management certification.

Having these qualifications help you convince employers better. who knows your next big break might be around the corner.

9. Maintenance Engineer

Although People from different fields in Engineering can enjoy a career in maintenance engineering, this can be another good option for you as a Mechanical Engineer.

You would mostly be overseeing the continuous efficiency of pieces of equipment across various industries. Some might even require that you come up with procedures for routine maintenance procedures.

10. Health and Safety specialist

As a Health and Safety specialist, you would be able to give a first-hand assessment of the work environment and possible hazards.

Industries and companies these days have a need for Health and Safety Specialists who would give recommendations on how to make work environments less Hazardous for their workers.

Health and Safety specialist also helps to organize seminars and lectures which help to enlighten workers about safety precautions in their environment.


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