Urban & Regional Planning Careers: Opportunities for Graduates in Ghana


Pursuing a career in Urban and Regional Planning can be very promising. In fact, there is a wide range of job opportunities once you complete your studies at university. Career opportunities abound both in the private and public sector of the economy. A career in Urban and Regional Planning can lead you to prolific job opportunities.

If you have a natural flair for policymaking that has to do with making suitable structures for individuals and organisations then a career in urban and regional planning would be a great choice.

As an Urban and Regional Planner, you would sometimes be required to work alongside architects to come up with a good plan as regards land use in urban areas.

What is Urban and Regional Planning?

Urban and Regional  Planning is a field that has to do with overseeing how land is used in urban areas. Urban planners usually come up with designs for streets, building and parks.

With people migrating from rural areas into urban areas, there is a need for the government to create enough space to accommodate new migrants.

This is where you come in as an Urban and Regional Planner, the scope of your work involves planning, developing and protection of the environment which is usually achieved by ensuring that developmental plans for Urban areas solve any existing problem, promote growth and is safe for the environment.

Industries Where an Urban and Regional Planner Can Work in Ghana

As an Urban and Regional Planner, you can work across a variety of sectors such as:

  • Facilities manager
  • Local government officer/Inspector
  • Town planner (which could include transport and building)
  • Civil Servant (as a policymaker)
  • Community development worker
  • Environmental manager
  • Real Estate agent
  • Landscape architect
  • Sustainability consultant

Responsibilities of an Urban and Regional Planner

An Urban and Regional Planner:

  • Works alongside Pubilc officeholders to formulate policies as regards land use
  • Conducts Research in various Uban Centers to analyse challenges faced in Urban areas
  • Revise building and Site Plans submitted by companies and individuals.
  • Works with government officials on legal matters and any issue relating to the use and development of land in urban areas.

Urban and Regional Planners should also be able to:

  • Analyze and interpret information
  • Have good Interpersonal Communication skills
  • Have a good knowledge of the community population
  • Be keen on Research and Planning
  • Know the problems faced in the urban areas they work in
  • Work Well to promote good infrastructures in Urban areas.

Requirements to Become an Urban and Regional Planner

You can get into Urban and Regional Planning with a degree in the field of Architecture, Public Policy or Urban and Regional Planning. However, further studies at the postgraduate level will provide practical knowledge about the commercial and technical aspects of urban and regional planning.

As a new graduate in the field of Urban and Regional Planning, you might have to start from being an assistant to gain relevant experience that would enable you to function better as an Urban and Regional Planner Later on.

Also, getting a Masters degree in Urban and Regional planning is important as many positions usually require that one has a masters degree.

Work Experience with Urban and Regional Planning Jobs

Work experience in creating environmentally-friendly designs, public policymaking and building projects would be a good place to start your career in Urban and Regional planning.

Look for opportunities in supporting roles as a policymaker, Town Planner, Landscape Architect etc. you should also take professional qualifications to progress into management later on in your career.

Extracurricular clubs and societies, including volunteering at organizations and events, can help to develop your career in Urban and Regional Planning.

Joining a professional body as a student member can give you opportunities to network with other professionals, keep your skills up to date through training and point you towards job opportunities.

Skills to Include in Your CV for Urban and Regional Planning Jobs

During your degree, you develop specific skills that employers look for including analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills. Besides, you can also learn some other skills like:

  • Excellent organization skills especially in planning for urban areas
  • Strong interpersonal skills, to motivate and lead your team
  • Excellent design skills
  • Good Report writing skills
  • Ability to use your initiative and make decisions under pressure
  • Negotiation and teamwork skills which can be developed through working both independently and on group projects.

Universities in Ghana Where You Can Study Urban and Regional Planning


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