Salary Structure of Nurses in Ghana (2022)

Nursing is a very lucrative and prestigious profession. In recent times, nurses have been poorly paid, especially in Ghana. So, if you have been wondering how much nurses earn in Ghana, then you are in the right place.

The last few years have been a difficult time for nurses in Ghana, as we have seen them carry out strike upon strike just so that their wages can be improved upon. This make makes a lot of people to wonder how much nurses earn in Ghana. Although the Ghanaian government has scrapped the ban on qualified nurses travelling to find a job abroad, the pay of nurses has not really improved.

Studying to become a qualified nurse in Ghana is quite expensive as the profession is very delicate. According to a report published in 2014, the total number of nurses in Ghana was 20,400 who were paid at least $400 monthly. However, this is 2022, meaning they are more nurses, so let’s find out how much a nurse earns in Ghana.

Salary Structure of Nurses in Ghana


The salary structure of community nurses in Ghana is based on whether the nurses are registered or unregistered.

For registered nurses in Ghana, their salaries are based on their level of learning. On the normal, registered nurses in Ghana earn between $3,600 and $4,800 yearly. However, these are only after-tax deductions. Normally, this salary should be great for monthly survival, but the high cost of living and utilities has forced many nurses to take up a second job.

Globally, nurses work almost round the clock because they are always patients in hospitals. In Ghana, nurses work just fifteen to eighteen hours a day. This is probably because of their need to balance their pay with other jobs. What this means is that salaries of nurses who have studied to diploma and bachelor’s degree level should be increased. The salary structure of nurses in Ghana was reviewed in 2010 and the current salary structure is not made public yet.

Current Nurses Salary Scale in Ghana

It is worthy of note that nurses are paid depending on institutions. For instance, the salary of staff nurses and psychiatric nurses is more than that of a general nurse, however, their pay is not that good either.


The current salary scale is stated below:

  • Certificate nurses – They earn GHS 1300 monthly.
  • Diploma nurses – GHS 1600/1800 and above monthly.
  • Degree holders – GHS 2000/2200 per month.

The above remunerations are for new recruits and increase as one progresses the ladder of the profession. However, there is a need for an upward review of nurses salaries in Ghana.


  1. Nurses deserves better,how can they work without receiving risks allowances.The job is full of risks.And to anyone who wants to be a certificate nurse,I would like to advise u on going for diploma or even degree.

  2. I am so sad to learn about how much RN makes in Ghana. this is so depressing. Also, how can they still have unregistered nurse in Ghana. All nurses in Ghana should be registered irrespective.

  3. This website lack current information on nursing salaries.
    A diploma registered nurse takes about 1600-1700 monthly for new recruit
    Degree new recruit takes about 2000-2200 monthly
    And the above renumeration increases every year.

  4. Pls am a certificate community health nurse and want the diploma top up from knust . pls wen are u selling the access course forms for this year and wen are u starting

    • The access forms are out deadline is 31st March is 150 cedis you can go to GCB and purchase one . Classes will start in May


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