UG Legon Admissions Application Guide 2024/2025

UG Legon Admissions Application Guide 2024/2025 – The University of Ghana (UG), Legon admissions application guide is open for all prospective students of UG for the 2024/2025 academic year.

The UG Legon application guide is to aid prospective students to stay updated as at when the University of Ghana 2024/2025 admissions forms will be out. This page also serves as a question and answer platform where prospective students of UG Legon can ask questions related to the 2024/2025 admissions and get answers as well.

To keep this page active, let’s share this page with our friends and loved ones so that they can learn and contribute as well.

UG Legon Admissions Application Guide

LATEST UPDATEAs of the time of publication, the University of Ghana (UG) mature access form for the 2024/2025 academic year is not yet out. This post is intended to serve as a guide to prospective applicants.

While we try to keep this page up-to-date with regards to UG 2024/2025 admissions, there are certain things that all prospective applicants must know.

Before we go into that, I know some of you might be asking when will UG Legon admissions for 2024/2025 commence? Well just stay with us on this page, while we give you a live update with regards to that.


UG Legon Admissions Application Guide

Before any candidate is given admission to study at the University of Ghana (UG) he/she must meet the admission requirements as well as the fixed cut off point.

So, I implore all prospective candidates to make use of the resources below to their own benefits, as per UG 2024/2025 admissions.

The above resources will aid you with the 2024/2025 UG admissions.

Frequently Asked Questions About UG Admissions

Below are the frequently asked questions with regards to the University of Ghana admissions.

Is UG Admissions Online?

Yes, the University of Ghana Admission Forms is online.

What is the Cost of UG Admission forms?

The cost of the UG admission scratch card is stated below for different programs.

Ghanaian applicants are to pay GH¢200.00.

International applicants are to pay US$110.00.

Where Can I buy UG Admission E-Voucher?

University of Ghana online application E-VOUCHERS can be obtained by Ghanaian applicants for GH¢200.00 at the following banks: Ecobank, HFC Bank, Agricultural Development Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank, Zenith Bank, Merchant Bank, UniBank, Prudential Bank and Fidelity Bank.

International applicants and Ghanaians applying from abroad should NOT buy the e-voucher. They should use the following link to access the online application form for completion and submission.

Online Application for International Undergraduate applicants

All applicants are expected to pay to the University a non-refundable application processing fee of US$110.00.This fee can be paid directly or wire transferred into the University of Ghana ECOBANK Account.

Details of the Account are:

Account Name:University of Ghana Foreign Students Account
Account Number:0161014409780401
Bank Details:Ecobank Ghana Limited, Legon Branch


or         International Transfer through Ecobank (0161014409780401 or 0161094409780403

or         Payment with Credit Card on the GT payment platform.

The pay-in-slips together with applicants’ certificates/result slips should be scanned and attached to the application form before submission online. The certificates/ results slips should be scanned into one PDF or Word document and attached to the application form.

Does UG Legon Have Fee-Paying Facilities?

Qualified Applicants to the Bachelor’s degree on the Legon Campus who are unable to meet the competitive cut-off points determined by the Admissions Board for admission to preferred programmes of study may opt for the Fee-paying Scheme.  Interested applicants must indicate this option on their application forms.

How to Apply for UG Legon Admissions

Visit the University’s admission portal at Click on the “Apply Online” button to start your application.


The information provided on this page is to serve as a guide for prospective candidates who wish to apply to the University of Ghana for the 2024/2025 academic year.

For comments, contributions, questions or inquiries please use the comment box below. GHS team wishes you good luck in your application to the University of Ghana (UG) Legon.

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