KNUST Law Admission Forms 2020/2021


KNUST Law Admission Forms 2020/2021 | You will get Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Law Admission application details for the 2020/2021 academic year on this page.

KNUST Law Admission Forms

KNUST Law Admission Requirements

The normal entry requirements of a degree at KNUST apply to the LLB programme.  Three main streams of admission are instituted in the Faculty as follows:

Category One: 4—Year (full-time) LLB programme
Category 1 candidates are admitted as holders of: (i) WASSSCE with credits in the three core subjects (English, Mathematics and Integrated Science) and three WASSSCE elective subjects in General Arts or Science or Business with Business Management, Economics, Accounting, Costing and Business Mathematics with aggregate 20 or better.(ii) GCE Advanced Level with credit in at least five ‘O’ level subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, together with three ‘A’ Levels  or equivalent in Arts or Science subjects, and

(iii)  Mature candidates who must be 25 years of age and above with credits in at least five ‘O’ Levels, including English Language and Mathematics.

Category Two: 3—Year (full-time) LLB programme
Category 2 candidates are admitted as holders of a first degree in a discipline other than law. Candidates in this category will be required to do a three-year full-time LLB programme.


Category Three: 4—Year (part-time) LLB programme
Category 3 candidates are also admitted as first degree holders in a non-law subject. Candidates in this category will be required to do a four-year part-time LLB programme.

Candidates in category 2 and category 3 who are short-listed shall take a competitive examination and pass an interview.

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  1. Please when would you allow the purchase and submission of forms for LLB program for next academic year ?

  2. 1. when is the deadline for the purchase and supply of the law forms?
    2. How much does a form cost?
    3. When will the competitive exams and interview take place?


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