UG Legon Admission Deadlines 2021/2022

The University of Ghana Legon, UG Legon admission deadlines for the 2021/2022 academic year has been released.


UG Legon admission deadline

The Management of the University of Ghana Legon has released the admission application deadline for the 2021/2022 academic year. Prospective candidates should see UG Legon application closing dates on this page.

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Application Deadlines Schedule for the 2021/2022 Admissions

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Schedule for the 2021/2022 Admissions



Application Opens

Application Closes

Entrance Exams


English Proficiency


15th March 2021


31st October 2021


Not Applicable


Distance Diploma Programmes

15th March 2021

31st October 2021



International Applicants

15th March 2021

31st October 2021

Not Applicable


Diploma to Degree
Public Health
Veterinary Medicine
Family & Consumer Sci.
Bachelor of Arts
Public Admin
Allied Health


15th March 2021









31st March 2021








To be announced where applicable







Post First Degree LLB

15th March 2021

30th June 2021

Thursday, 15th July 2021

Monday 23rd to Thursday 26th August, 2021



Undergraduates L100

15th March 2021

31st October 2021

Not Applicable

8. Graduate (Sandwich) 6th February, 2021 31st March, 2021
9. Graduate (Regular) 6th February, 2021 29th May, 2021

Not Applicable

10. Registration for Mature Students
Access Course
26th February 2021 7th April 2021 To be announced


  1. Will admission be open again in March 2021
    But if it won’t be open too let me know
    If ‘yes’ can I apply with
    Social B3
    English C6
    Maths E8
    Crs B3
    Econs C6
    Government D7
    And do diploma in Public Administration as distance learner

  2. Please I didnt see my name in the second batch list will there be any 3rd batch list. Besides I had English C5
    Social C6
    Core Maths A1
    Science B3
    E – Maths C4
    Chemistry – B3
    Biology – B3
    Physics – B3

    can I get computer science or computer engineering

    • i have’t also gotten my admission and i’m so confused here,, i actually wrote this year and bought my form in november to ug…when will i get my admission?

  3. Good afternoon am currently a student of the Ghana Technology University College and offering diploma inHuman Resource Management but since it’s two years I will finish this year and due to the covid-19 pandemic i wasn’t able to buy forms I want to ask if forms are sold online and I wish to continue from level 300 pls is that possible and what do i need coz I wrote core maths last year and I had a C6 too

  4. Good morning sir

    Please I apply for MBA Accounting at your Noble institution(University Of Ghana). However, going through the procedure of filling the form online, we would have to upload our transcript and certificate.

    I want to go for my transcript in University of Education Winneba but the school has been closed due to novel coronavirus pandamic.

    Please, I have already bought the e.voucher. What should I do?

    Also, I promise to upload or bring transcript by myself when H.E the president of the republic gives directive to Universities to resume work.

    Thank you

  5. Please will there be late admissions for the graduate sandwish program to help those who could not meet the deadline for us to apply again .Thank you

  6. Can I get admission into the university of Ghana with the following results
    Social studies:C6

  7. Can I read dentistry with this results social studies A1 ,core maths B2 , English C6 , biology,B3 ,physics,B3 , chemistry C5 , elective maths A1 , integrated science B3

  8. Can I read BA in social work with
    Social studies A1
    English language B3
    Core maths B2
    Integrated Science C6
    CRS C5
    Government C6
    History C5

    • Good morning I also bought the form but haven’t received a message from them so I would like to know if you’ve received yours or if they’ve not started admitting

  9. please can i read Bachelor of Art in education at Legon with this result
    English C6
    core maths E8
    Science B2
    Social Studies A1
    CRS A1
    Economics B2
    History A1
    Government A1

    • In legon , cut off point for BA is 16/17 and u can still get admission with 19 to BA if only there’s no stiff competition from other applicants

  10. Pls I had grade 12, but I can’t see my admission letter for biomedical engineering. Are admissions closed or not yet. Thanks.

  11. Please l bought a form on February 14 and submitted on the same day but it is quite fortunately that l didn’t get any message that will confirm that my application is fully submitted.

  12. Can I offer sociology with these grades
    CM D7
    C.R.S C4

  13. Please u want to offer Economics in legon with social studies B3,English C6,Science B2,Core mathematics C4,Economics B3,Government C4,Geography B3 and Emaths C5

  14. Pls can I read statistics at Legon with this results..
    Core mathematics A1
    English C4
    Inter science B3
    Social studies B3
    Elective mathematics B3
    Physics C6
    Chemistry B3
    Biology C4…

  15. Can I read electrical engineering in legon with the following
    English C6
    core maths B3
    Social b3
    Int science A1
    Biology b3
    Chemistry c6
    Physics b3
    Emaths A1

  16. Please I want to pursue B.A in history at UG with the following grades
    Government A1
    Geography B3
    History A1
    Economics B3
    Social studies A1
    English Language C5
    Integrated Science C5
    Core Mathematics D7
    Am I welcome??….. Thanks

  17. Comment:please can I offer Bsc Midwifery with the ff grades
    chem B3
    phy. B3
    bio B3
    sci B3
    eng B3
    social C4
    cmaths C4
    emaths C6

  18. Can I read bachelor of art course in legon with the following English B3, social A1, Science C5, core math C4, geography B2, Government B2, Economics B3


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