Salary Structure of Ghana President

The debate as to what the President of Ghana earns as a salary is currently ongoing. So, if you have been wondering how much the President of Ghana earns as a salary, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the salary structure of the Ghanaian President. We’ll also see how much he earns in allowances. President Nana Akufo-Addo’s salary per month has generated a lot of controversy. So, just to clarify this, we’ll take a look at the full salary details as accrued to the Office of the President of Ghana.

The President is the number one citizen of Ghana. Constitutionally, he is the Head of State, Head of Government, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ghana. So, it’s expected to earn the highest amount when it comes to salary as the Head of State.

However, many people think that the amount earned by President Nana Akufo-Addo is too much as compared to other presidents on the continent. So the big question is: how much does the Ghanaian president earn as a salary?



Salary of the Ghanaian President

It is worthy of note that, apart from the basic salary, the president is also entitled to other allowances. Also, the salary of the president is non-taxable.

So, what is the salary structure of the Ghanaian president?

In many online news media, it is reported that the President of Ghana earns GH¢ 22,809 (US$4,898) a month. However, President Nana Akufo-Addo disclosed at the launch of a business ideas competition dubbed the “Presidential Pitch”  that he earns GH¢29,000 as his monthly salary.

Going by the President’s disclosure, that’s to say that the President takes home GH¢ 348,000 per annum as salary without tax.

Allowances of the Ghanaian President

In addition to his basic salary, the president is also entitled to other benefits. These benefits are provided for the president free of charge. Some of them even after leaving office.

Some of the benefits of being the president of Ghana include:

1.   On-hand cooks and housekeepers

The president of Ghana is entitled to on-hand cooks and housekeepers to do chores. The full cost is taken care of by the government. There are many staff at the Jubilee House who offer these services to the president and his family.

2.   Health Insurance

The president is also given access to world-class healthcare whenever it is needed. In fact, serving and former presidents of Ghana have lifetime health insurance. The state pays for all their health expenses.

3.   Protection at all times

The president of Ghana is offered the best protection in the country. Security personnel are always available at the disposal of the president. The police, army, and any other state security agencies always protect the president, both when he is in office and after he is done serving.

4.   A fleet of armoured cars

Besides the highly armed security detail, the president of Ghana has a fleet of armoured cars. The president travels in bullet-proof cars to ensure that even if his security is breached, no weapon can easily get to him.

5.   A state funeral

The state is fully in charge of the burial of a sitting president or a former head of state. In recent times, the Ghanaian government has created ‘Asomdwe park’ where presidents who die in office or out of office will be buried. The first president to be buried there was Prof. John Mills.

6.   A pretty pension

The president of Ghana is entitled to a monthly pension when he is out of office. For instance, Ex-president John Mahama retired on a salary of GH¢22,809. The other two ex-presidents (John Rawlings and John Kuffuor) receive a non-taxable salary of GH¢15,972.


We believe you now have a clue as to the salary structure of the Ghanaian president. You also know the benefits that come with being the president of Ghana. The President of Ghana is among the highest-paid heads of state in Africa. So, what do you think about becoming the president of Ghana? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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