How To Obtain Student Loans In Dubai (U.A.E) As An International Student

People travel abroad to study due to various reasons. There might be financial advantages to studying abroad especially if tuition is very expensive in your home country. Another reason might be due to cultural exposure and new experience that comes with studying in a foreign country. Studying in a foreign university also gives you good communication skills when it comes to relating to people from other countries.

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When Is A Student Loan Necessary?

Student loans serve as a form of financial aid to both international and domestic students who need money for either accommodation, textbooks, laboratory fees, e.t.c The price for education keeps increasing especially in developed countries what this means is that people from low-income families may not afford quality education except when provided with scholarships, bursaries, and student loans.

Luckily there are provisions for student loans to international students who are studying towards their degree in the U.A.E

How Does Student Loan Work In U.A.E?

There are two ways with which you can obtain student loans in the U.A.E, it could either be from private financial institutions or from universities where you are currently a student. If you are deciding to put a request to your university, you should first make inquiries about the loan structure and repayment plans before applying.

What Would I Need To Obtain A Loan?

Requirements for student loans depend largely on where you are obtaining your loan from, for private institutions you are required to have;

  • A valid passport and a copy alongside your residence permit
  • Statement of account ( about 6 months)
  • Evidence of financial need (addressed to the bank from your university)
  • Copy of emirates ID card
  •  Verified address
  • Student I.D
  • Admission letter

For Loans from your university, you will be required to have;

  • valid User ID and password
  • student visa of UAE
  • Provision of monthly income
  • Personal bank account in UAE
  • Results of English Proficiency Test (for some universities)
  • Student’s Emirates ID card

Is there a Minimum Amount?

The minimum amount is determined by the bank, however, some banks give between 250000-500000 AED as the maximum amount. Most banks determine their repayment plan and interest rates independently however, some banks might come up with a 48-month repayment plan in some cases.


I would suggest that you discuss various funding opportunities with your supervisor or university before leaving your home country. You can consider getting a part-time job as an international student especially during the holiday season.

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