5 Reasons To Study In Poland As An International Student

Studying abroad comes with a lot of opportunities or advantages if one is equipped with the right set of information before departing from their home country. There are so many factors one has to consider when applying to study in a new environment, some people might make these decisions solely on economics prospects or even emotional commitments.

Regardless of what the driving factor might be, It is even more important now as there are many study destinations around the world to choose from. But, in this article, I would share with you reasons why you should consider studying in Poland as an international student.


5 Reasons To Study In Poland As An International Student

1. Affordable Tuition

Once an international student can figure out how they can cover the costs of their tuition, the rest is always easier to handle mainly because international students pay twice the tuition required by domestic students in most countries around the world.

Studying in Poland is quite affordable for many students mainly because tuition is between 1500 -3000 Euro yearly unlike other schools in Europe and the US. Also, accommodation costs are quite cheap, you would most likely spend between 100-150 euro on rent for dormitories or shared accommodation, 25 euro monthly for transportation and less than 10 euro for food or cinema tickets due to your status as a student.

2. High-Quality Education

Many European countries invest heavily in the education system because they believe in creating an enabling environment for students to thrive and make wonderful contributions to their society.

The flexibility of polish universities curriculum, availability of exchange programs for students to learn in other institutions across Europe and the high ranking of their universities amongst others in the world makes it a desired destination for many international students. What’s more, there are lots of courses offering English as the language of instruction despite polish being the official language in the country.

3. Exciting Student Life

Even when you have decided to study hard in school to make good grades, there are other aspects of your life which should not be neglected while in school. Every year many polish universities organize their carnival called juwenalia , a time when all lectures, classes, practicals are cancelled for students to participate in fun activities lined out for them.

There are many associations one can participate in while still on campus or you could attend concerts like OFF festival organised yearly for young and vibrant people to attend.

4. Scholarships available for EU and Non-EU Students

Students whose country is part of the Erasmus Socrates network benefit a lot from scholarships and other bonuses attributed to them on behalf of their countries ties with Poland.

On the other hand, there are a couple of other scholarships made available to Non-EU students by different organisations or the polish embassy in your country as a form of a student exchange program. This scholarship aids living costs and tuition of the awardees in their country.

5. Proximity to other countries

An important part of studying abroad for international students is being able to explore the neighbouring countries for a better understanding of how life is and exposure to other cultures. Poland is located in Europe, with a very good transportation network connecting the country to other parts of Europe I am sure touring other countries would be a wonderful trip if done in a group with friends or colleagues.


Living in Poland would show you how nice and accommodating their locals can be, as you integrate into the society you would get invitations by locals either to join them for dinner, lunch or during festive occasions thereby allowing you to try out native food which is homemade and very tasty.

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