UAE Visa Application Requirements – Dubai Visa

The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, with Dubai leading the development drive. Every year close to 14.2 million people visit Dubai, most of them going to work or leisure. Dubai has created a niche for itself on the back of booming economy, lifestyle and quality of life.

Depending on the purpose of our travel to UAE, there are different types of visas that apply to the occasion. So before applying for a Dubai visa, it is important to know the UAE visa application requirements and which of the visa category that you are eligible for.

UAE Visa Application Requirements


Types of UAE Visa

Below are the most common types of United Arab Emirates Visas

Entry Service Permit Visa

This visa category applies to people who are required to perform certain tasks by their company in the UAE. Their physical presence in the UAE is needed before they can get this visa. The entry service permit visa is valid for 14 days.

Dubai Visit Visa

The Dubai visit visa is made for people who wish to stay in the UAE for more than 14 days or those coming for a family or business visit. The visa is valid for either 30 days (short-term visit visa) or 90 days (long-term visit visa). Apart from the visa processing fee, a deposit is to be paid by the local sponsor/relative/residents which is reimbursed after the visitor has left the country.

UAE Tourist Visa

The UAE tourist visa is almost the same as the visit visa. This visa is valid for 30 days and is non-renewable. If a holder of this visa stays longer than 30 days, the person is fined per day with some charges for an out pass.

Multiple Entry Visa

This visa category is for individuals who spend a considerable amount of time in UAE/Dubai. The multiple entry visa is valid for 6 months and the duration of stay is 30 days at a time. Individuals must enter the UAE on a visit visa first before they are eligible for this visa. Once they enter the country, they can apply for a multiple entry visa.

Transit Visa

The transit visa is for passengers who are stopping at the UAE airports en route to another destination. This visa has a validity period of 96 hours, and it can be gotten if an individual is spending more than 8 hours in the country.

Visa on Arrival

The visa on arrival is for citizens from some countries from Western Europe and the Pacific region. It has a validity period of 60 days, with certain conditions for an extension.

Diplomatic Visa

The Diplomatic visa is exclusively for individuals with a diplomatic passport and is coming to the country on an official visit.

Documents Required for UAE/Dubai Visa

Individuals looking to apply for a UAE visa will need to submit supporting documents in order for their application to be processed. The following documents are required for Dubai visa application.

  • Passport – Applicants should have a valid passport with sufficient blank pages. The passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond return date.
  • Travel itinerary – Applicants should provide information about their travel plans, including the date of arrival and departure. All flight details should be mentioned with the application. Individuals who are applying for a transit visa should provide proof of onward travel. This means that they should provide details about their flight ticket out of Dubai.
  • Proof of residence – This applies in those cases where there is a difference between the permanent residency status and the current nationality of an applicant.
  • Proof of financial means – This is asked only under certain circumstances. It is used to gauge whether an applicant has sufficient funds to visit and stay in the country.
  • Photograph – Applicants need to submit a recent passport-sized photograph with their application.
  • Clear passport copy of the sponsor –  Applicants must also provide a clear passport copy of their sponsors (if they are sponsored).
  • Proof of family relationship (kinship)
  • Visa fee
  • Visa application form, duly filled with sincerity.

Attention! Please consult the United Arab Emirate Embassy in your country for the updated UAE Visa requirements!

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