Mechanical Engineering Job Description – What Are their Duties

Mechanical engineering is a field that is important in all sectors. the health sector, for example, would require the service of a mechanical engineer in the development of equipments used in the medical field. This and many more is a good reason to study mechanical engineering especially if you are good with tools.


Job Profile For Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineer, there are many areas where your knowledge is required; you may be involved with researching, designing, building, and testing of equipment to ascertain their durability. Most of your job involves both technical skills because you would be doing a lot of equipment and machinery handling. Also, working hours may be slightly different from normal 9-5, you may sometimes be required to travel in case your attention is needed in a different city or country.

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 Job Description Of  Mechanical Engineers

The daily schedule and responsibilities of mechanical engineers include;
  • Evaluation of projects and their cost implication with other team members
  • Checking the performances of devices such as engines, tractors e.t.c produced
  •  Maintenance of equipment to ensure that they are efficient at all times
  •  attending seminars for more knowledge of recent technology used in the field of mechanical engineering
  • Writing detailed reports on the testing, and modifying of equipment
  • Giving technical advice to companies
  •  Data analysis and interpretation

What Skill Should I Have As A Mechanical Engineer?

Some of the relevant skills you should be deliberate about having as an engineer  includes;

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  • Analytical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Working alongside team members
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Technical skills
  • Ability to work for long hours and work well under pressure.

Who Are The Employers Of Mechanical Engineers?

In case you were wondering where your degree as engineer would enable you to work in, here are some of the areas you can consider sending your applications to after graduation they include;

  •  Manufacturing industries
  • Construction companies
  • Transport companies
  •   Engineering Consulting firms
  •  Power related companies
  •  Military or Airforce
  • Government agencies
  • Universities (as an academic)

What Steps Can I Take To Become A Mechanical Engineer?

Actually, there are many routes to becoming a mechanical engineer, some people are fortunate to start their career right from an undergraduate degree. However, those who for one reason or the other do not have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering can do so at the postgraduate level. Furthermore having a diploma from recognized polytechnics can also be enough to get an entry-level job in some companies.



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