15 Masters Degree Programs With High Pay


In today’s world, having a master’s degree is very important especially for career advancement. You might be asking why?

I can tell you that bachelor’s degrees are getting easier to obtain these days, therefore having a master’s degree shows that you have more knowledge and expertise about a particular area and can make proper decision’s when faced with a complex problem.

So, the question on your mind should be, what kind of master’s degree should I have? and how much pay would I get for having this degree in the labour market?

15 Master’s Degree Programs With High Pay

To aid in your decision-making process, this article would help you learn about some of the master’s degree programs which are very lucrative in the long term.


Having a master’s degree in marketing is a good choice to make because companies never go out of their demand for an individual with expertise in marketing.

Big companies including Google, Amazon, Unilever etc make use of marketing strategists, especially when they are looking to expand their businesses in Africa.

Working with such companies as a marketing expert would give you access to certain benefits which include healthcare insurance etc and you might even get paid in dollars that’s if its a foreign company.

IT Related Courses

you can never go wrong getting a master’s degree in IT-related courses. This is because we are already in the internet age, and companies to maintain their relevance in their niche now have to invest in IT.

Now, due to their high demand, IT specialists sometimes can charge in dollars depending on which company they would be rendering their services to.

Content Creation and Digital Marketing

Content creation and digital marketing have become a sought after degree in this period as businesses are beginning to have an online presence.

This need for an online presence by businesses makes different organizations employ the services of a content creator/digital marketer to shape and promote a good online narrative for their business.

The beauty of a master’s degree in content creation/digital marketing is that most institutions offer this course online and make it flexible to accommodate even people that are sometimes busy with their Jobs.

Business Administration

An MBA is a highly respected and lucrative degree. In-fact sometimes for you to move into a management position in any firm you would be required to have an MBA.

With an MBA you are equipped with the appropriate skills to make decisions that would lead to a better income or growth for the firm. Getting an MBA is sometimes expensive, but it is always worth your money in the long run.

If you would like to learn how to manage businesses effectively then an MBA degree is a must-have for you.


In my previous article about professional master’s degree, I made mention of Nursing which is also a very lucrative job especially when you are able to specialize in certain fields.

With a master’s degree in nursing, you would also be able to function in administrative and research work which not only is a career boost for you but also yields more money.

Project Management

A master’s degree in project management is another degree you can consider. Project managers are involved in ensuring that the projects within the company are properly executed whilst promoting teamwork.

Although very lucrative in terms of earning’s, I would suggest that you take your time to research what project management is all about before applying to the program.

Food Science and Technology

If you have ever wondered who makes sure that products produced by industries are safe for human consumption? Then it might interest you to know that food scientists and technologists perform this task.

Having a master’s degree in food science and technology makes you have a higher earning potential in industries.

With your degree, you can be promoted to being the production or quality control manager and also be allowed to make decisions on behalf of the company at the managerial level.


A geologist usually is interested in the earth’s composition and they closely work with petroleum engineers. With a master’s degree in geology, you would be able to specialize more in different areas such as geophysics, geochemistry, etc.

Asides from working in industries, or research laboratories, you can also work as a consultant to industries that require the service of a geologist.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Having a career in operations and supply chain management is a good decision if you are interested in working on and improving value chains in industries. People with this type of degree earn more because of their work which is quite tedious and complex.

It is focused on creating a proper working process with which goods are properly purchased, packaged and delivered to the desired locations with little to no damage.

Data Analyst

Date Analysts earn a lot from data organisation and presentation. With a master’s degree, data analysts are able to earn more because they can offer more in terms of their skill e.g. data mining.

Also, as an analyst, you can work with any organization or as a consultant for companies.

Industrial Engineering and Management

Engineering courses are very lucrative due to their technicality, that’s why most people would prefer to study engineering at the university.

However, at the master’s level industrial engineering and management is a good course of study for engineers who would love to have a working knowledge of both engineering and the management processes in industries.

The individuals with this degree earn more because they are able to work as engineers and also function as management executives within the industry.


I always like to refer to economists as those who unite people from all walks of life. Economists help to give financial advice to both individuals and organizations. However, before you can be considered an expert, you would be required to have a master’s degree.

With a master’s degree in economics, you would be able to work as a consultant, team lead, or manager within financial institutions.

Biomedical Engineering

Although it is a relatively new field in engineering which focuses on applying engineering techniques to improve human existence and health-related problems.

Biomedical engineers are able to earn a lot from designing machines. It is a field that is open to non-engineering majors. If you are a science major thinking of an alternative route, then I would recommend that you consider reading more about this evolving field.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is a part of finance that focuses on the financial well being of firms and businesses. Individuals who would love to start a career in investment banking will need a master’s degree in corporate finance.

Investment bankers and corporate financial advisors are one of the top earner’s in the financial sector.

Mathematics and Statistics

I am sure you might be wondering how mathematics and statistics made the list. Well, it might interest you to know that with a master’s degree in mathematics and statistics, your earning potential is limitless.

You would work closely with engineers, computer scientists and can also collaborate with researchers who would need the expertise of a statistician.


Master’s degrees take about two years to complete, however, if you devote your time properly during that period, there is no limit to how much you can earn because you would have the right skills that employers want.


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