Top 20 Marketing Career Opportunities for Graduates

You’ve successfully graduated with a marketing major and ready to start a career. We’ll be sharing the top 20 marketing career opportunities for graduates.

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. Marketing is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. With its focus on the customer, marketing is one of the premier components of business management.

If you love the idea of learning about products and consumers and finding creative ways to sell products to a target audience, a marketing major might be right for you. It’s time to find an outlet for your creativity, networking and research skills!

Marketing Major Skills

Students who major in marketing develop a number of skills that can be used across industries. They often require both quantitative and qualitative research skills.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Numeracy and analytical ability
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Influencing and negotiation skills
  • Teamwork
  • Organisational ability
  • IT skills
  • Business and commercial acumen
  • Drive and ambition
  • Digital advertising experience.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Continuous learning. Vertically and horizontally.
  • Experience with contemporary digital tools, platforms, and channels.
  • Basic spreadsheet skills.
  • An ability to understand buyer needs and the sales process.
  • Strong understanding of Inbound marketing.

Best 20 Marketing Career Opportunities for Graduates

If you’re looking for a professional path in the sphere of marketing, there’s a range of roles you can apply your valuable skills to. Below are 20 careers you can pursue with a marketing degree.

1. Market Researcher

Marketing graduates with a drive for analysing data can opt for a career in market research. Market researchers use their research skills to gather information about the target market of a brand or product. They analyse this data to understand buyer preferences and behaviour, and discover what trends are enveloping the market.

2. PR Officer

If you have a good communication and interpersonal skill and can manage crises, then you can go into a public relations job. PR officers use their public speaking, writing and negotiation skills to improve the image of a company or individual. With marketing skills, you can manage the branding, reputation and messaging of a client through various media and public communications.

3. Social Media Manager

With the advent of the internet, most company’s brand reputation is built online, most especially through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. If you’re particularly social media savvy, then a career in social media management could be ideal for you.

This involves managing and improving a brand’s image and handling customer relationships through multimedia content on social platforms. Writing skills and an eye for design also come in handy.

4. Event Manager

Individuals with strong organisational, planning and communication skills can pursue a career in event management. These professionals use their marketing abilities to expose and promote a brand, attract audiences and generate sales by coordinating and publicising events like conferences, exhibitions or special gatherings.

5. Product Manager

Graduates who want to take on an all-encompassing role in marketing can consider product management. This career involves managing the development of a product to its point-of-sale, including market research, advertising and media planning.

Product managers must have strong analytical skills as well as be excellent persuaders. They must also be able to pitch budgets and other proposals to customers.

6. Marketing Manager

Graduates with proven experience and excellent leadership skills may consider becoming a marketing manager. Marketing managers oversee the entire marketing campaign of a brand, and use their creative and analytical abilities to handle budgets, write copy, conduct market research and generally ensure their strategies attract audiences.

7. Marketing Assistant

An assistant job is a great way to kick-start your career in marketing. Indeed, you’ll experience a range of responsibilities, such as building communication strategies and marketing collateral.  Assistant roles can be a gateway into the field after building hands-on talent in all areas such as advertising, market research and sales.

8. Media Planner

As a media planner, you’ll be responsible for selecting the appropriate platforms to attract clients. These positions are usually held in advertising agencies and involve working closely with the press, television or radio to achieve an advertising strategy.

9. Sales Representative

With strong persuasive, communication and interpersonal skills, you can use your marketing knowledge to make effective sales pitches. The role of a sales representative involves building sales strategies to attract the target market and successfully sell the product or service they provide.

10. Marketing Copywriter

There are several marketing jobs out there for graduates, and copywriter positions are a natural fit for those who want to merge their marketing passion with writing and creativity. These individuals use their promotional skills to compose content for online and offline advertising materials, such as slogans, video scripts and even tweets.

11. SEO Specialist

Graduates with digital marketing skills and expertise in search engine optimisation may consider the role of an SEO specialist. Companies from all fields hire these professionals to take care of their online exposure and ensure their websites rank highly and perform well in search engines. Understanding user intent and strategic brand messaging are crucial for this role.

12. Advertising Manager

Aspiring marketers can work in advertising. Manager roles require a knack for planning, leading, creating and communicating. They build and lead advertising strategies, communicate with clients and teams, and prepare budgets.

From producing catchy commercials to creating attractive banners and billboards, advertising managers spend most of their time enhancing the image of their brand.

13. Web Content Manager

As a web content manager, you’ll be responsible for running, managing and checking that a website successfully targets and meets the needs of its users. This marketing job involves putting your writing and technical knowledge to use by employing several marketing tactics like writing copy, analysing visitor behaviour and maintaining visual aspects.


14. Digital Marketing Specialist

This popular job allows marketing professionals to apply their expertise in online advertising and e-sales. Through SEO, PPC, content management and web design, digital marketing specialists ensure a brand’s online image and performance is up to scratch.

15. Promotions Manager

Promotions managers focus on developing and executing marketing promotions that increase an organisation’s reputation and revenue. These creative individuals use marketing knowledge to create special offers, promotional features like articles in newspapers or display materials that achieve their campaign objectives. This is an ideal career for marketing graduates with good creative and management skills.

16. Mobile Marketing Manager

If you want to focus your efforts on technology, try a career in mobile marketing. Most advertising and promotions reach customers through their smartphones, after all.

Managers in this profession will create mobile marketing campaigns that target customers at the right time, using techniques such as SMS, mobile web, or game or banner advertising.

17. Community Manager

Marketing specialists with excellent communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills can become community managers. These individuals act as the face and voice of a brand by managing communications across channels like social media, websites and events.

Marketing skills come into play by providing engaging content and communicating with customers about the brand’s products or services.

18. Fundraiser

This role involves using presentation and interpersonal skills to attract potential donors for non-profit organisations. Fundraisers essentially use marketing techniques to arrange promotional events and attract sponsorships from various companies.

19. Recruiter

As a recruiter, you will research, outreach and network with potential employees and use marketing tactics to drive candidates to your company. If you’re able to communicate clearly, persuasively and professionally, this position might be for you!

20. Web Designer

Just like copywriters, web designers use a combination of marketing and creativity to represent a brand. These professionals employ market research, user understanding and design to create appealing and customer-friendly visuals, graphics and navigation for websites.


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