Archaeologist Job Description – What Are their Duties

Sometimes people wonder what a degree in archaeology would lead to in the job market. Well, i am here to tell you that archaeology can be an exciting career if you have an interest in human history and prehistoric knowledge.

Just like every other career, being an archaeologist can be quite demanding in terms of working conditions. You might sometimes have to explore different environments that are quite different from where you live and as such might find challenges with culture and food. But getting good results and artefacts always makes the journey an exciting one.

 Job Profile for Archaeologists

Archaeologists always study human history, examine artefacts which are recovered from excavation sites in a bid to understand prehistoric information better. Some of these artefacts include tools, pieces of equipment, art and some types of jewellery. Some of their works usually include excavation of objects, dating, interpretation and preservation of objects found at the sites of interest.


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 Job Description of Archaeologists

The daily schedule of an archaeologist include;
  • Inspection of excavation sites using a variety of methods and types of equipment
  • Take records of activities carried out at excavation sites in a detailed form.
  • Conduct analysis of objects found to give more information on what it is and its importance in the era which it was found.
  • Use software systems e.g computer-aided design and geographical information systems in interpretation of results.
  • Conduct tests which include radiocarbon dating, research and  assessments of sites
  • Provide information and assist in the preservation of artefacts and important locations.

Skills Needed for Archaeologists

Archaeologists require these skillset to work efficiently in understanding artefacts and the history surrounding them. Some of these include;

  • IT-skills
  • Analytical and Critical thinking skills
  • Presentation  and Communication skills
  • Working well in a team
  • Have an inquisitive mind
  • Pay attention to details
  • Ability to adapt well to a novel environment.

Typical Employers of Archaeologists

They include but are not limited to:

  • Ministry of Toursim
  • Universities
  • Museums
  • Research Institutions
  • As a Consultant for other Archaeologist on your previous work.

Qualification for Archaeologists

Usually, to excel as an Archaeologist, you would require a bachelor and postgraduate degree to be considered for various positions.



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