How to Become An Architect in Ghana

In this guide, I will be showing you how to become an architect in Ghana. Becoming an accredited architect in Ghana entails a lot of processes which you’ll get to know.

However, before we go into the process of becoming an architect, let’s, first of all, understand what architecture really entails.

What is Architecture?

Architecture has a broad definition, however, for the context of this article, we’ll define Architecture as the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures.


A wider definition often includes the design of the total built environment from the macro level of town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture to the micro-level of construction details and, sometimes, furniture.

Who is an Architect?

An architect can be described as a person who designs, plan, reviews or supervises the construction of buildings and other structures.

They work on public and private projects making plans and designs for a building’s indoor and outdoor environment from a single room to an estate layout.

How to Become An Architect in Ghana

There is a lot of career prospects for Architect in Ghana. However, before pursuing a career in Architecture, you need to understand what its really about. Once that is done, you need to follow these steps below.

Obtain a Bachelor in Architecture

First and foremost, you need to learn the art and science of architecture before you are certified. You need to obtain a bachelor degree in Architecture. In Ghana, there are few universities that offer BSc architecture.

You will spend 4 years to study architecture before you are certified to become a professional architect in Ghana.

I recommend you, first of all, check out the admission requirements to study architecture in Ghana. On the other hand, you could also obtain a bachelor degree from a university abroad.

After your four years bachelor degree, you need to proceed for a two years Master’s programme. You will be deemed to have done two years of practical training count towards qualification for the professional practice examination organised by the Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA) and the Architects Registration Council (ARC) of Ghana

Get Working Experience

In order to become a professional architect, you need to ganer a lot of experience. You can gain working experience by volunteering to work with architectural firms as a draughtsman. This will help you develop the relevant skills for your career interest.

Most at times, three years of working experience sets one on the part of becoming a professional architect.

You need the working experience to participate in the professional practice examination conducted by the Ghana Institue of Architects and the Architects Registration Council (ARC) of Ghana.

On the whole, an architect in Ghana would have spent about ten years altogether in school and in practice to qualify.  Despite this seemingly long period of training, to become good in architecture – just in any other profession – apprenticeship under senior colleagues is also very essential.

Obtain License to Practice Architect in Ghana

Before you can practice architecture in Ghana, you need to, first of all, obtain a license. You can do this by registering with the Ghana Institute of Architects or Architects Registration Council (ARC).

Membership of the Institute is open to all qualified Architects practising in Ghana as individuals, or within unincorporated groups and corporate bodies.

You need to write and pass an examination conducted by the Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA). However, you need a minimum of two years of working experience to be eligible.

There are two classes of membership with the Ghana Institute of Architects.



  • Fellows
  • Associates
  • Firms


  • Honorary Fellow
  • Honorary Associates
  • Probationers
  • Students

However, in this context, you’ll need to register as a probationer with the Architects Registration Council (ARC). You’ll then be registered on the Provisional Register and issued an Annual Practicing Certificate renewable yearly.

You will now understudy a senior Registered Architect for a minimum of 2 years for KNUST graduates or 3 years for CU graduates.

Once that is done, register and submit all requisite documents for the Professional Practice Examinations (PPE). These documents may include:

    1. a completed application form.
    2. your current Curriculum Vitae (CV).
    3. a completed log book.
    4. design report

Register and participate in all PPE preparatory seminars.

Sit for the PPE. Upon successfully passing the PPE, the architect is inducted, entered onto the Standing Register of Registered Architects and issued a license to practice. This license is equally renewable yearly.


The journey of becoming a professional architect in Ghana can be tedious and demanding, however, the career path is a very promising one. On the whole, it takes a minimum of ten years to become a licensed architect in Ghana. This might be long but the gain is a great one.



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