How to Obtain Student Loans in Australia as an International Student


Australia is one of the top study destinations for students looking to enjoy nature whilst studying. This is because Australia has a good educational system, friendly people and lots of vegetation and animals.

It might interest you to know that Australia is the third most popular study destination for International Students. This might be due to the fact that students can be allowed to also work part-time for 20 hours each week.

Students who finish from Australian universities are globally sought due to their excellent education, Some even go on to enjoy Promising careers in the UK and US While some decide to work with their 12month post-study visa which might make them eligible permanent residents in the long run.

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What are Student Loans?

Student Loans are education Loans which are designed for both citizens and international students studying at approved colleges and universities in Australia.

Student loans were created to help students who are willing to study but have insufficient funds to do so.

Although permanent residents can access student loans from the government, there are different types of loans available to international students studying either at the Undergraduate or Postgraduate level.

Student Loans in Australia

Obtaining Student Loans can either be from financial institutions or from your university.

Institutions who give out loans to international students are quite many some of which include: Ratesetter, Anz and MoneyPlace but, you should consider their interest rates before applying for a loan.

You can send an email to your university for further information on how to obtain student loans. Some of the universities which offer student loan services include: Australian Catholic University, University of Melbourne and University of Sydney

What do I Need to Apply For Student Loans?

Although different financial institutions have different requirements, here is a list of some documents that may be required:

  • Admission letter from  your university
  • Loan application form
  • Passport size photographs
  • Academic documents (certificates and Transcripts)
  • GMAT or IELTS results
  • Proof of residency for the student and guarantor
  • Statements of accounts

Is there a Maximum Amount?

Well, Most firms and universities usually do not give out loans that exceed your tuition fees as an international student(it could range from $1000-$138000).

When do I Repay Student Loans?

Some firms usually require that you start repaying upon graduation and securing a job whilst some start the loan repayment process payments with no interests within the duration of your program.


I would advise that you consider other options such as applying for a scholarship, Part-time job or bursary before applying for a loan.

In a situation where these options are not viable, then I will recommend you read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the loan you would apply for. Protection Status


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