How To Check NABCO Placement & Posting 2024/2025

A recent report shows that the NABCO placement will be out on November 1. While we are all expecting the NABCO placement and posting list, let’s get to know how to check this placement and posting list when it is out.


How To Check NABCO Placement & Posting

There are four (4) ways of checking the 2022 NABCO placement list. Whichever ever one an applicant uses is at his/her own discretion. Here are the four ways of checking NABCO placement and posting list 2023/2024.

1. NABCO Portal


The entire NABCO registration process was online and therefore, if you want to check your placement, the best way is via the NABCO placement portal.

Visit the portal on and sign in to your account, you should see the current status of your application.

You will need your NABCO registration number and password which you would have received a long time ago via SMS to sign in and check.

Once you sign in, you will have access to any NABCO news update concerning your NABCO placement and appointments.

2. SMS Message from NABCO

The most preferred means of communication by NABCO is via SMS. From the time of booking applications to the time of giving feedback, SMS has been the main form of communication and there is no reason for NABCO to change that now.

To ensure that you receive your NABCO placement, keep your phone active from 1 November. It is also likely that the SMS may contain valuable information like a PIN or code. Therefore, write the details down once you receive them so in the event you lose your phone, you won’t lose your job.

Email from NABCO

Important information such as successful appointment and placement will be committed via email. Incase you have a lot of unread emails, its time to read and delete some unimportant ones.

Be sure to check your spam and important file folder from time to time for an email from NABCO.

List of Appointments at Preferred District

In case all the digital means of communication doesn’t work out, you may check your placement in your District Office. However, there are some insinuations that the placement may be carried out at the national level which means the list will not be made directly by the district.

Although not confirmed, NABCO Head Office in Accra may send a list there which contains all those posted into the district and where they have been posted to.

How Much Do NABCO Pay Applicants?

NABCO Successful applicants will be placed under a model that best suits their qualifications. The beneficiaries will be engaged for a period of three years and they are expected to earn a monthly stipend of GH¢700 each. This amount is non-taxable.

We wish you all the best as you check your NABCO placement for 2020. Remember to work hard in whichever role you have been given so as to move the nation forward.

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  1. Pls I have forgotting my password when I click on forgot password you said,you have send it to my spam folder but I checked my spam nothing is there .pls can you help me by sending it to my correct email [email protected] .please help me out

  2. Please I have not been placed yet,Charles Duodu with Nabco ref no:NABCOGRCIG28652,MODULE: Civic,Greater Accra region

  3. But how is this possible, starting work 1st November and we should expect placement 1st November. That means we are not starting work 1st November. GHStudents are you sure?

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