Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) Posting Portal –

The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) Posting Portal 2021 – The NABCO portal has been enabled for the placement of qualified candidates into the Nation Builders Corps –


NABCO Posting portal

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--> The Authorities of the Nation Builders Corps has enabled the NABCO online posting portal for placement of qualified and interested candidates. The NABCO posting portal is to enable candidates to apply for the Nation Builders Corps recruitment at their convenience.

NABCO Posting Portal –

The Nation Builders Corps Posting Portal can be accessed via the link below.


NABCO Contact


  1. I made a mistake about the uploaded engement litter please let open the my portal so that i do the reload.

  2. please I am finding it difficult to open my portal. I want to upload my assumption letter, help me out.

  3. I was transfered from KMA to Atwima Mponua District but my district has not yet changed to Atwima Mponua District. Please why? Thank you.
    By Asante Grefice.

  4. I was given a msg to update my portal which I did but still apart from registration and interview the rest are still pending, pls help me

  5. Hi my portal is having problem, my acceptance’s and placement is been declined and payment has stopped coming since June 2019 to date

  6. I have problem printing the engagement letter.when l put in my NABCO number and the password, it will tell me this form is not supported.

  7. Please my placement x completed but printing of asassumption duty letter response x close if possible can open it for us to also hv the opportunity to be trained we hv been home for two long since practise make a man perfect

  8. Dear Nabco please I was part of those who registered last year but the truth is I couldn’t attend interview due to certain situation and so till date my status is pending, I recently was informed those with pending status are being unpended but mine is still the same. Please can you help me resolve my issue as things aren’t easy for me counting on you

  9. I applied for last year and I was part of those on pending . I travelled small now am back so am trying to check if my appointment is ready but no valid information is given when I visited the website. Thanks
    Mavis wangarah, revenue Ghana

  10. The Nabco Portal is still dormant. Its not active and when you click on apply, it doesn’t function or open. What’s happening?

  11. My status was on pending but I recently checked and there are couple of questions.In this case, what should I do.

  12. Rashid Mohammed, please I want to print out my appointment letter, but the portal is still close please open it for us.

    • I have problem printing the engagement letter.when l put in my NABCO number and the password, it will tell me this form is not supported.

  13. Pls still working heal ghana but mistakely press on decline pls help me to get my information back pls Adanis Asokwa District

  14. I have been given appointment since from the start up to date, no placement, no monthly payment or stipends. from AMA, to Ayawaso North.
    during the interview process we were given the chance to chose another District for the interview which I did, up to date nothing good happen

  15. REGION : Northern region
    District :Bunkpurugu
    Reference no: Nabconrfeg11226
    Module: Feed Ghana
    I print assumption duty form on 5 march and i want to update and upload but the system still close

  16. can one apply this year cos I kind of applied last year but I couldn’t attend their interview so I was not posted but I can still log into the portal. Any info on how I can be part of it this year? Thank u!

  17. I updated my details and uploaded my assumption of duty form but the messages that are circulating am not part of it. Why?
    JOSEPH QUAYSON Assin South District Assembly Central region (EDUCATE GHANA)

  18. My has been posted to GE District but up to now she has not been paid .she is tired of going there every day to update her info.She login to nabco replacement portal and it is indicating that she has not been placed yet.

  19. Why portal is still close I don’t understand and I have little problem to rectify, so please when the portal open. Thank you. Nketiah Paul educate Ghana


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