A Comprehensive Guide to SHS Self Placement 2020


In this article, we’ll take you through the comprehensive guide to SHS self-placement 2020. The BECE SHS self-placement is only for candidates who could not get placement by the Automatic Placement System (APS).

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has released the procedure for the purchase of e-voucher and self-placement. However, we’ll further breakdown these steps to a more simply form.

Latest Update:

If you were not placed in any of your five choices or have done self-placement and wish to change, visit the self-placement portal on www.cssps.gov.gh or www.csssps.org. to choose a school

The portal has been populated with more schools vacancies.

NOTE: This does not apply to candidates who were auto placed or did self placement and have enrolled.

What is Self Placement?

Self-placement is the manual process that allows candidates who do not get any of their choices an opportunity to select among the available schools with vacancies. With that understanding let’s explore the process of applying for SHS self-placement.

A Comprehensive Guide to SHS Self Placement 2019

This is simply a step by step guide to Senior High School (SHS) placement 2019.

First of all, you’ll need an internet-enabled device, either your phone or your PC. Once that is done, follow the steps below.

1. Visit one of the CSSPS website sites cssps.gov.gh or cssps.org

2. Select the Check placement module from the portal to continue the process of checking your school placement.

3. Provide your E-Voucher or the School placement card code or pin and your index number.

The placement portal will redirect you to another page. Wait patiently for the page to load. On the new page, the placement module will prove you with available schools.

4. Select a school based on your preference from the options available.

Select your preferred program. Example General Arts, Science, Visual Arts, Home Economics, or Technical Program of your choice. Choose your preferred accommodation (day/boarding).

5. Confirm the options made by clicking confirm and Print out the placement result.

Just in case you don’t have the scratch card, you can buy it from the CSSPS portal.

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    *WHOLESALE PRICE = 7 Cedis*
    *RETAIL = 8 Cedis*

    Placement can be checked and sent to you via social media {Picture form , pdf. etc}

    Contact: *0541102721* for more information.


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