How to Get a Job in the UK From Ghana

Getting a job in the UK from Ghana can be a little bit difficult, but with the right information you can easily apply and get a job in the United Kingdom without much stress. This guide on how to apply and get a job in the UK from Ghana contains information on the current UK job market, job vacancies, British work permits and where and how to find a job in the UK from Ghana.

How to Apply and Get a Job in the UK From Ghana

If you are looking for a job in the United Kingdom from Ghana, here is a guide on what you need to get started on your UK job search, including advice on what jobs are available and where to start your UK job search from.


Work in the UK from Ghana

The UK Job Market

The United Kingdom has the third largest economy in Europe with an unemployment rate of 4% as of July 2018. According to the Office for National Statistics, there are just over 3.5 million non-UK nationals working in the UK.

The UK economic growth is concentrated in London and the South East; unemployment is a little bit high in the north of England, Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland. They are a lot of jobs in London, however, with high competition rate.

If you want a professional or well-paid job, then you will need to speak good English. Having a second language also gives you an added advantage.

Available jobs in the UK

They are a lot of jobs in the UK for different professions. They are jobs in so many fields, including Sciences, Medicine, IT, Environment, Arts and many more.

Skills Shortages in the UK

As earlier mentioned, the UK has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe with less than 4% in recent years. However, the country is experiencing skills shortages in a number of areas.

The UK is in demand for engineers, scientists, IT personnel (architect, analyst, designers, programmers), environmentalists, medical practitioners, science teachers, chefs, professional orchestral musicians, or dance choreographers. If you fall under this category, then finding a job in the Uk will be quite easy for you.

Click here to see the up-to-date official list of shortage jobs in the UK.

Hospitality and retail have a high staff turnover so there are often vacancies in these sectors.

How to Search for Jobs in the UK from Ghana

The question now is where can I find a job in the UK from Ghana. Well, they are a number of places both online and offline where you can get a UK job in Ghana.

Public site

Universal jobseeker – government-run online search engine for jobs throughout the UK. There are also JobCentres on the high streets of larger towns throughout the UK where you can browse job vacancies in person.

Job websites

You can browse thousands of full and part-time jobs, upload your CV and manage applications on websites such as CV Library, which is the UK’s leading independent job board with nearly 200,000 live jobs across all sectors:


  • Careworx– care workers, social workers, nursing and managers
  • Caterer – hospitality, restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, and catering
  • Charityjobs – charities
  • Computer weekly – IT
  • CWJobs – IT
  • Design Week– design, branding, copywriting, artworking, exhibitions, graphics, interiors, furniture and packaging
  • Exec Appointments – executive jobs
  • Hays – management and professional level jobs
  • Justengineers – engineering
  • Madjobs – marketing and advertising
  • Mandy – TV and film
  • Music Jobs– all aspects of the music industry including performers, producers, teachers
  • NHSjobs – jobs in all sectors of the National Health Service throughout the UK, from medics and nurses, through administration to cleaning and services
  • Prospects – graduates
  • Splashfind – top 100 UK specialist job sites

Recruitment agencies in the UK

Most recruitment agencies in the UK specializes in a particular sector like IT, retail, childcare or secretarial. Some agencies are employed by large companies to recruit executives and professionals on their behalf. Others help people find temporary work in offices and retail. Some of the UK recruitment agencies are listed below

Newspapers and print

The UK has a lot of newspapers and online print that advertises jobs. The Guardian newspaper is one the best sources you should consider for graduate and professional jobs. CLICK HERE to access the job section of the Guardian newspaper.

For professional positions, visit The Telegraph. For employment in the charity and not-for-profit sector around the Uk, see The Big Issue. If you need a London-based job, then check out the Metro.

Company websites

You can also use the company websites to get a job. Take a look on company websites and also for the information you can use in making a speculative application. If may find the name of the right person to contact in case you are making a direct approach. Get information about the person who is responsible for making decisions about hiring or the budget.

Embassies and consulates

Look for job vacancies at the British embassy in Accra, Ghana. Whatever the job, you are sure to need a high standard of spoken and written English.


Networking is very important in the UK as many jobs are filled by word of mouth and are never advertised. So make as many contacts as possible. Join the professionals networking website LinkedIn and connect with others in the same field (trawl through your contacts’ contacts and ask for introductions). You can also look for networking events near you. Another option is to join – or create – a meet-up group with like-minded people.

Make the first move

A lot of people get jobs in the UK from Ghana by approaching a company or organization speculatively but ensure you do your homework. Research the company and tailor your application appropriately.

How to Apply for a job in the UK

Once you have found a job in the UK that suits your qualification, you need to start preparing your application. If you get through to the interview stage you’ll need to know what to expect in a British job interview, and what to do – and not to do – during the interview.

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Language Requirement to Work in the UK

You need to have a good command of English to get a job in the UK. However, if you can speak and write another language other than English, you’ll have an added advantage over many applicants.

In the UK, there is a shortage of language teachers. If you hold a university degree and can speak English well, you might be able to take a post-graduate course to allow you to teach your mother tongue in an English school or college. See here for more information.

British Work Visas and Residence Permits

As a Ghanian, you will need a visa to work in the UK. Apply for UK work visa at the British embassy in Accra (Information on UK Visa). If you want to work in the UK, you will need a work permit. Your employer in the UK has to apply for a work permit on your behalf relating to a specific workplace.

There are different types of visa to come and work in the UK, depending on your qualifications, area of work, your skills, talents, and age; each visa has different conditions and may require you to pass a points-based assessment.

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For example, you may have to be a graduate, have been already offered a job in the UK which cannot be filled by someone else from the EU/EEA/Switzerland, have a licensed sponsor (see a list of registered sponsors here), or prove that you have a good knowledge of English by taking an exam or having a language qualification.

Students can work as employees, although not as self-employed, for up to 20 hours a week in term time (more if the work is part of the course) and outside term time as long as the position is not full-time or permanent. Ph.D. students can stay in the UK and look and start work in the UK for a year after their studies end (Information on UK student visa).


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