How to Apply and Get a Job in Switzerland From Ghana

In this guide, we will be showing you how to apply and get a job in Switzerland from Ghana. Getting a job in Switzerland is not quite easy, but with the right information, you can comfortably get any job of your choice. So, we’ll give you information on the Swiss job market, job vacancies in Switzerland, Swiss work permits and where and how to find a job in Switzerland from Ghana.

How to Apply and Get a Job in Switzerland From Ghana

As a highly skilled Ghanaian, you can successfully find a work in Switzerland. Almost half of all executive jobs in Switzerland is filled by foreigners. The country is a very appealing place to come and work. Average salaries, working conditions and standard of living in Switzerland are very high.

However, they are fierce competition for Swiss jobs. Still, finding an English speaking job in Switzerland is possible especially in sectors where there are high shortages of skilled workers.

If you are looking for a job in Switzerland from Ghana, here is a guide on what you need to get started on your Swiss job search, including advice on what jobs are available and where to start your Swiss job search from.



Work in Switzerland from Ghana

The Swiss Job Market

Switzerland has a stable economy with one of the lowest unemployment rate in the world. Salaries in Switzerland are amongst the highest in the world, you get at least four weeks holiday per year. However, the Swiss labour market is small, with high competition for jobs especially for people outside the EU.

Available in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country with a highly skilled workforce and a highly industrialized nation. Half of Swiss export revenue comes from mechanical/electrical engineering and the chemical sectors.

They are jobs in Switzerland for skilled workers in the following areas;

  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance
  • IT
  • Financial, business and systems analysts

In Switzerland, multi-national companies tend to be the major provider of jobs for foreigners and English speakers. Some of the world’s biggest multinationals headquarters are located in Switzerland including Nestle, Adecco, Credit, Glencore, Novartis, Roche, Suisse, Swiss Re, and Zurich Insurance.

Many international organizations are also based in Switzerland including the International Red Cross, World Trade Organisation and the United Nations.

How to Search for Jobs in Switzerland from Ghana

The question now is where can I find a job in Switzerland from Ghana. Well, they are a number of places both online and offline where you can get a Swiss job in Ghana.

Job Websites in Switzerland

General jobs in Switzerland can be found on a number of websites, many of which advertise jobs in Switzerland for foreigners and in English:

Specialist Jobs in Switzerland

IT Jobs in Switzerland

Jobs in Switzerland for English Speakers

Despite Switzerland’s multilingual workforce, there is still demand for English-speakers in Switzerland. Jobs in Switzerland for English speakers are widely advertised, including on several of the job sites above, as well as on:

Recruitment Agencies in Switzerland

You can signup on with as many recruitment agencies as possible. In Switzerland, private recruitment agencies are called Arbeitsvermittlung or agence de placement in Switzerland. The two main recruitment agencies in Switzerland are Manpower and Adecco. However, you can find many more on the internet.

Teaching Jobs in Switzerland

A teaching job in Switzerland is not in high demand, because many locals already speak the language. However, if you can find a teaching job in Switzerland, the pay is attractive. You can search for teaching jobs on ETASi-to-i or with the British Council.


Job adverts are also published in newspapers. The main newspapers with online job search tools include Basler ZeitungBund and Berner ZeitungHandelsblattNeue Zürcher Zeitungand Tages Anzeiger(Zurich), while you can also find printed job ads in Corriere del TicinoFinanz und WirtschaftLe Temps(Geneva), HandelsZeitung24 Heures (Vaud) and Tribune de Genève (Geneva), sometimes on a specific day a week. Click here to get a full list of Swiss online newspapers.


Jobs in Switzerland are widely advertised, but many positions are filled through personal contacts. Networking is very important because it could lead you to a potential job. Ask around: friends of friends, and through social networking sites for professionals, such as LinkedIn, Executives International and Viadeo, the French social networking site.

Speculative Job Applications

There is no harm in sending your application directly to the company of your interest. Most jobs in Switzerland are filled by people contacting the company directly rather than through advertisements in press or online. You can start by checking out Swiss companies to see what vacancies are available or find out who to approach to make a speculative application.

You can start by checking information on many Swiss companies on  SwissFirms, a Swiss Chamber of Commerce website, and on the Federal Commercial Registry website.

Applying for a Job in Switzerland From Ghana

Once you’ve found a job in Switzerland that you are qualified for, you need to send in your application in a format that Swiss employers expect to see. If you get through to the interview stage you’ll need to know what to expect in a Swiss job interview, and what to do – and not to do – during the interview.

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Languages Requirements to Work in Switzerland

They are three main national languages in Switzerland. The German-Swiss is the most widely spoken especially in the center and areas in the east. French is predominant in the West; and Italian in the south. The English language is often spoken in the workplace. Having some knowledge of these other languages is an added advantage in getting a job in Switzerland.

Qualifications to Work in Switzerland

You’ll need to have a recognized foreign qualification if you want to work in a regulated profession like health, law, social work, teaching and technology in Switzerland. If your occupation isn’t regulated, you may still need to get A level certificate. This certificate provides your Swiss employers with information about how your foreign qualification relates to the Swiss higher education system. For more information visit the  State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

Swiss Work Visas and Permits

As a Ghana citizen, you will need to apply for a Switzerland work visa before you can work in France. Once you have been offered a job by your prospective employer, they will make an application in the local canton who will forward it to the FOM for approval. If this is granted the FOM authorizes the canton to send a visa clearance certificate to the Swiss embassy in Ghana, where you can apply for a visa.

If you get a job with an international organization, you don’t need a work permit but you’ll be issued with a special ID card (Identitätskarte or Carte de Légitimation).

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