Top 10 Easiest Countries to Immigrate To

If you could choose anywhere in the world where would you got to? One daily basis, people are immigrating from one country to another despite tough immigration policies. A lot of people are also in need of countries with easy immigration policies. On that note, we’ll be sharing with you the top 10 easiest countries to immigrate to.

Immigration is the process of moving to live permanently in a foreign country. Every country in the world has its own policies for accepting immigrants to live in their home country.

The process could range from paying certain fees, taking relevant tests, interviews, learning the native language of the country and so on. Some countries are known to have fewer and straightforward policies that make it easier for immigrants to live in their country while others have very difficult policies that make it somewhat impossible for immigrants.

So which countries have the easiest immigration policies in comparison to others? In this article, you’ll get to learn some of the countries with the easiest immigration policies.


1. Canada

Canada is one of the friendliest countries in the world to immigrate to. The country is known to be a beachy region having the longest coastline in the world at 202,080 km. Canada is known to be one of the easiest countries to immigrate to.

The borders of the countries are open to refugees from war-torn nations. However, it is even much easier to immigrate to Canada if you have some sort of professional skills. It has express entry policies for potential residents. Also, you need to prove that you’re worthy of being granted residence.


2. Mexico

Most people are scared of staying in Mexico because of news and movies of shady drug deals. However, if you’re in need of one of the easiest countries to immigrate to, then you need to start considering Mexico.

Mexico has beautiful and safe havens for residents. The country is full of clean beaches, mountain views, cute historic towns, and upscale urban delights. Plus, it is the country that introduced chocolate, chilies, and corn to the world.

A great way to start your life in Mexico is with an FMM visa, available at any airport or border location for just $21. The visa has a validity period of six months and you can renew it over and over again. There’s no limit. Unfortunately, you can’t work on an FMM visa, but you can upgrade to a temporary residency visa that does allow work for only a few bucks more. You may need to leave the country temporarily in other to apply for one.

3. Belize

This is the only Central American country whose official language is English. This amazing country has so many fabulous site and scenery. Belize is located between Mexico and Guatemala, and the country is sparsely populated and has easy immigration policies.

Getting to Belize is pretty easy. You can enter on a 30-day visitor visa and simply keep renewing it every month for a fee of BZ$ 25.00 until you’ve lived there for 50 weeks. At that point, a BZ$100.00 fee and a few bureaucratic hurdles will get you permanent residency.

If you plan on immigrating to Belize, you may have to make more findings. Some districts do require you to leave the country for two weeks every six months, which resets the clock on the 50-week requirement. And if you need to work while you await permanent residency, you could use some help to secure a work permit.

4. Ecuador

Ecuador is an amazing and beautiful country located right in the middle of the Equator. It is one of the most romantic countries in South America. The country has virtually unmatched natural beauty in the form of mountain peaks, volcanoes, beaches, and islands. The cost of living in Ecuador is very low, and the US dollar is the official currency.

To qualify as an immigrant, you need to show proofs of your sustained monthly income of about $800 for yourself and $100 for each dependent living with you. However, this is the range for pensioner’s visa.

If you’re not a pensioner, all you need to do is to invest or have a fixed deposit that generates constant cash flow to you. After obtaining your visa, you need to proceed to obtain a residency permit. After three years of residence, it is possible to obtain Ecuadorian citizenship.

5. Svalbard

Svalbard is a nation that is officially part of Norway. It is a collection of Island that is located in the North of Norway. It is occupied by citizens of countries such as Brazil, India and South Africa.


The boarders of Svalbard is open to anyone who wishes to reside there as no visa is required. However, you’ll need to show proof that you’ll be able to take care of yourself financially.

6. Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in South America with easy immigration policies. It is a big country with a huge cultural diversity. They are amazing tourist sites in Brazil like the amazon rain forest and golden beaches.

One of the easiest and quickest ways of obtaining residency in Brazil is marrying a Brazilian citizen, having at least one child with the Brazilian citizen, being a top-notch scientist or researcher with proof of your fix monetary income.

Investing $126,000 into any Brazilian company fast track your opportunity of getting a residency or citizenship. Ordinarily, to get Brazilian citizenship, you must have lived there for 15 years. However, this can be reduced to 4 years if you have a job that pays well and a good grasp of Portuguese.

7. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a stunningly beautiful country with two pristine coastlines and passionate, caring people. It’s also great for stargazers – 86 out of 88 constellations in the night sky can be seen clearly in Nicaragua.

If you’re intrigued, Nicaragua offers a retirement program similar to Ecuador’s, except that you only need to show an income of $600 a month. The program is meant for people at least 45 years old, but this requirement is often waived if you have more than the base income.


Interestingly, you don’t need to be a retiree to qualify. The government of Nicaragua has a lot of flexibility in what it calls work. For example, you could own a restaurant or small hotel and still be classified as retired. You can also continue to freelance for an overseas company and legitimately get the retirement visa.

8. Panama

One of the countries with the easiest immigration policies is Panama. Panama is a great choice for individuals who already have American citizenship. Panama is an independent country in Central America with a beachy landscape and a lot of English speakers. The US dollar is used majorly for transactions within the country.

You can get Panama’s long-term retiree visa as long as your monthly income is within the range of $1,000. It’s a country that is considered safe and well developed, which also makes it pretty attractive to retirees. For those within the younger age, all you need to do is to deposit $5,000 in a Panamanian bank. This qualifies you to apply for a friendly nation visa.

If you happen to hail from one of 50 countries that are friendly to Panama, a few of which are the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Austria, you are eligible for a Friendly Nations visa.

The process of applying for Panamanian citizenship is also quite easy. You need to have lived and work in Panama for a minimum period of 5 years. Keep in mind that Panama does not accept dual citizenship as such you’ll need to denounce your home country citizenship.

9. Paraguay

Paraguay has one of the easiest immigration policies in the world. The country has a literacy rate higher than the United States. It’s a beautiful place with friendly people, vast scenic vistas, and a low cost of living.


Getting a residency in Paraguay is very easy, largely due to its obscurity. You will be required to deposit an amount of money into a Paraguayan bank that equals roughly 35x the monthly minimum wage. It sounds like a lot, but it comes out to only about $4,500-$5,500 USD. That’s all it takes to live in Paraguay indefinitely, and after three years you can apply for citizenship.

10. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is very attractive to migration-seekers due to its peaceful and easy-going residents. The country also has about 801 miles of stunning coastline and world-class healthcare.

Cost of living in Costa Rica is moderate. Couples will need about $2,500 per month to live comfortably. If you’re looking to retire, Costa Rica has a retiree program that you’ll qualify for if you can show $1,000 per month in income. However, to get a permanent residency, you’ll need a job, but if you have skills that Costa Rica needs, you could be granted one.


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