How To Become An Investment Banker In Ghana

How to become an investment banker in Ghana? If you have a passion for becoming an investment banker in Ghana, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we’ll take you through the process and requirements for becoming a qualified and certified investment banker in Ghana.

Becoming an investment banker in Ghana or any part of the world takes a lot of time as one is required to participate in formal education within a tertiary institution, have relevant certifications, and a firm commitment to learning the trade. In fact, while there are lots of accountants and economists within the banking sector, very few of them commit to the relevant training process required for them to become successful in the field of investment banking.

There are some terms I would like to clarify before giving you further explanations on how to become an investment banker.

Who is An Investment Banker?

According to Investopedia, an investment banker is an individual who often works as part of a financial institution and is primarily concerned with raising capital for corporations, governments, or other entities.

What Does An Investment Banker Do?

Well, Investment bankers are the brain behind large or complicated financial transactions on behalf of companies, banks and individuals. This transaction might be in the form of a merger, sale on behalf of clients, or issuance of securities in order to raise capital.

Investment bankers are amongst some of the well-paid professionals in the world because they identify potential risks on behalf of clients or offer financial advice to clients who need to make irreversible financial decisions. Their communication skills, analytical skills and the ability to work under pressure for long hours if need be are what makes them successful in their field.

How To Become An Investment banker In Ghana

Below are step-by-step procedures and requirements for becoming an investment banker in Ghana.

1. Obtain High School Education

The first thing that you need to become an investment banker in Ghana is to go through secondary school education. This is the first step to pursuing what would eventually become the career of your dreams. Now, while in high school, you need to be in a commercial class or make sure that you have excellent grades in mathematics and economics if not in commercial class.

Now, regardless of your class, you are expected to pass your O’level with a minimum of credits passes in three (3) core subjects English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies, and Three (3) Elective Subjects in the following groups; Business, General Arts, and General Science.

Once you have your papers complete, it gives you an edge in the pool of applicants for your desired school.

2. Obtain a Tertiary Education

Once you have met the above minimum requirement, you need to further your education. This could be either a university, technical university, or a polytechnic.


In these institutions, you are expected to study accounting, business administration, banking and finance, economics, mathematics, statistics e.t.c as a course. However, even if you never studied this course during your university/polytechnic days, you can still become an investment banker by taking relevant courses from recognised bodies and also committing years to practical learning of the theories and principles of investment banking.

3. Obtain Relevant Certifications

This is the last step to becoming a professional and seasoned investment banker in Ghana. At this point, you may be wondering why you need to have this certification?

This is because when you eventually start out a career in the investment banking sector of financial institutions, mand managerial and senior positions require appropriate certifications alongside years of experience for you to be considered as an appropriate candidate.

Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts Ghana

The chartered institute of financial and investment analysts in ghana is a  body for all professionals in Investment Banking, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Insurance, Stock brokering, Financial management, Business management etc.

They are situated at  Suite 3, White Plaza Paradise street, off Apollo Theatre, by Metal Bridge Asylum Down, Accra Ghana and offer training to new and existing members looking to improve their professional skills.


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