Top 20 Recruitment Agencies in Ghana

Looking for the best recruitment agencies in Ghana? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be showing you the top 20 HR consulting firms in Ghana with exceptional recruitment, contingency staffing, outsourcing and HR development services.

Most companies no longer go through the stress of recruiting staff. They simply outsource this responsibility to recruitment agencies.

What these companies do is that they advertise the job openings, go through the applications and select the most qualified candidate. This is a more effective way of saving time.

These companies have experienced human resource personnel who knows how to screen and select the best candidate among the rest.

In Ghana, there are so many recruitment agencies who can handle this kind of work effectively. They look for potential and prospective employees who fit the status of the job opening your company is offering.

If you are a job seeker, you should check out some of the recruitment agencies in Accra, Ghana. They have a wide variety of employment opportunities. So we’ll be looking at the top recruitment agencies in Ghana.



Top Recruitment Agencies in Ghana

Below is the list of the top recruitment agencies in Ghana.

JobHouse Recruitment Agency

Job House is known to be one of the most reputable recruitment agency in Ghana, they are based in Accra, Ghana. They offer diverse job opportunities in all fields of interest.

Global Manpower Recruitment

This HR consulting firm has been in existence for over 15 years in Ghana. So when it comes to experience give it to Global Manpower recruitment.

They specialize in offering professionals in all job vacancies. The applied candidates are also vetted to test their knowledge and suitability for the job vacancy.


HIREGhana also known as Hire Intelligence Recruitment Ghana is one of the best and most reliable recruitment company in Ghana.

They are specialized in providing high-quality human resource solutions to companies. Over the years, they’ve built a strong reputation as a leader in recruitment services.

All you have to do is provide them with all the requirements for the specific job vacancy and you are assured of positive feedback.

Rakes Recruitment Company

One unique thing about Rakes recruitment company is that they act more like a middleman between job seekers and employers in Ghana.

Not only do they recruit applicants based that fits the job description, but they also share their vision and strategy so that the job seekers can know what they are getting into.


DAB Agency Ghana

DAB agency Ghana is more specific in its job. They focus mainly on the healthcare recruitment niche. DAB goes through all its candidates, vetting them to be up to the Standards and requirements of their Clients (Employers) before sending them over for the main Interview.

Rectrain Recruitment Ghana

Among the best HR firm in Ghana is Rectrain recruitment. They specialize in consultation training of staff, recruitment and HR office management.

Attache Ghana

As an intern looking to land your dream job, then Attache Ghana is your answer. Attache offers world-class recruitment and internship supply service.

They also offer a responsive and excellent support service to both interns and companies alike.

Careers in Ghana

Careers in Ghana offers a wide range of recruitment and business consultancy services to hundreds of companies in Accra and other cities and regions in Ghana.

Successors World Limited Ghana

This is another great company with excellent recruitment services in Ghana. They offer recruitment and staffing services for firms in Ghana.


ToppJobs Recruitment Ghana

ToppJobs is one of the best recruitment agencies in Ghana. This is mainly due to their one on one interactive session with job seekers to analyze their relevance, competencies, and skills.

Due to their thorough scrutiny of employees, employers tend to accept their judgment and agrees that employees from ToppJobs are top-notch, best in their profession and up to dates with happenings in their field.

Strategic Business Process Solutions Ghana

Strategic Business Process Solutions also referred to as SBA Solutions is one of the fast-rising recruitment company in Ghana. They are known to offer tailored job solutions to job seekers.

Edge Professional Intelligence

Edge Professional Intelligence Recruitment Agency is another cool recruitment company in Ghana that you should give a trial.

Vintage HR Services

Just like the name implies, they offer vintage services. The company is a high profiled and innovative human resource management firm that offers multiple recruitments and human resource services in Ghana.

They are well known to offer services such as recruitment, policy development, human resource information system, human resource survey, HR audits and lots more.


BYF Recruitment and Consultancy Services

Among the best recruitment firm in Ghana is BYF recruitment. They focus majorly on human consultations, recruitment, HR outsourcing and Training.

In addition, they also handle skill search and management for companies with an emphasis on skills, personality and attitude.

EAD Consult Ltd

EAD is a consulting, outsourcing and HR firm which has been licensed to provide labour for organizations in Ghana.


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