Physiotherapist Job Description – What Are their Duties


There are many misconceptions about the physiotherapy profession, there are some people who do not know that it is an area of specialization within the medical field, while some others often mistake them for masseurs or fitness therapists. While a part of their work deals with fitness, they also help people of all ages with different medical histories to regain their physical fitness.

Job Profile For Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists are medical professionals who help patients of all ages in recovering from physical disabilities which might be a result of an injury, accident, or genetic condition. They work within various establishments to diagnose, study, and treat common ailments such as strokes, spot injuries, paralysis. and community settings to treat patients with all kinds of ailments – spinal injuries.

The correct diagnosis of the patients underlying condition helps treatment procedures to be more effective in the long run. Physiotherapists design patient-specific treatment plans that would aid the patient in regaining their physical strength for physical activities. Sometimes treatment procedures might require exploring exercise, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy e.t.c as possible treatment options.

Work hours extend beyond regular working hours especially during private consultations with patients in their personal homes.areas of specialization within the field of physiotherapy includes;

  • respiratory physiotherapy
  • neurological physiotherapy
  • musculoskeletal outpatients
  • orthopedics
  • pediatrics
  • sports physiotherapy
  • ergonomics

Job Description Of Physiotherapists

The daily schedule and responsibilities of Physiotherapists includes;
  • Study patient history from case notes and medical history gotten from their physicians
  •  Assess the patient’s health using physical examinations and evaluation of biological specimens
  •  Design patient-specific treatment plans that would aid their treatment process
  •  Schedule exercise and physical therapies for patients
  •  Monitor and give reports on patients progress
  • Give recommendations to specialists in the case where patients need to see specialists
  • Educate family members on activities that can be carried out at home to aid their recovery process

What Skill Should I Have As A Physiotherapist?

Some of the relevant skills required of you as a Physiotherapist includes;

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  •  Knowledge of medical terms
  •  Knowledge of the technical aspects in physiotherapy
  •  Ability to make patients feel at ease
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Tolerance and patience

Who Are The Employers Of Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists usually work within the medical field or health-related sectors some of these include;

  • Military Hospitals
  • Hospitals
  • Research organizations
  • Sports industry
  • NGO’s such as W.H.O
  • Private consultations
  • Fitness centers

What Steps Can I Take To Become A Physiotherapist?

A bachelor in physiotherapy is required for you to begin your career as a physiotherapist. You would also be required to register with a registered physiotherapy body in the country where you would like to practice.

Physiotherapists are usually required to undergo one-year internship programs during or after their degree before they are allowed to practice fully, you can make use of this opportunity to network with senior colleagues who would let you know when there are any available positions where they work.


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