How to Become a Banker in Ghana


In case you’ve been asking how to become a banker in Ghana, then you’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll learn the requirements to start a successful career in the banking sector.

The financial institution is one of the highest employers of labour in Ghana. No wonder every year, thousands of qualified graduates are offered employment in different banks. In the Ghana banking sector, many people are employed in different positions including personal, commercial and investment bankers.

Although the role of bankers differs considerably, they all must serve the financial needs of their clients.

Personal bankers may work directly with clients opening small business accounts and overseeing other financial transactions. Commercial bankers process loans for prospective entrepreneurs, while investment bankers connect financiers with possible investment opportunities.

Who is a Banker?

A banker is an individual that is employed by a bank or financial institution to serve the financial needs of clients. These clients can be individuals or institutions. A banker tries to maximize the profit of a bank while maintaining appropriate risk levels.

As earlier mentioned, the duties of bankers vary. However, they all tend to meet the financial needs of their customers.

Skills Needed to Become a Banker

To become a banker in Ghana, there are some basic skills that you must possess. Some of these skills include;

  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Be a team player
  • Show numeracy skills
  • Have a good organization and time management skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Apart from the skills listed above, you also need to be a computer literate to work as a banker.

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How to Become a Banker in Ghana

Before you can get a job with any financial institution in Ghana, you need to meet certain requirements. You’ll learn the basic requirements to becoming a banker in Ghana.

1. Earn a Degree

If you want to start a career in the banking sector, you need to, first of all, get a degree from a recognized higher institution in Ghana or abroad. You don’t necessarily need a degree in banking and finance to work in a bank.

No matter your course of study in higher institution, you can work in a bank as long as you meet the requirements. You also need to familiarize yourself with basic computer software programs.

2. Apply for a Banking Job

Before you can work in a bank, you need to pass through a recruitment process. Most banks will put up an advertorial inviting applicants to send in their CV. Most banks will often conduct a screening test for applicants. Once you pass this stage, congratulation, you’re now a banker.

It is important to note that banks have majorly two types of recruitment viz-a-viz; entry-level and professionals.

The banking entry-level recruitment is specifically made for fresh graduates who want to start a career in the banking sector. They are often subjected to a rigorous recruitment process. Once a candidate is qualified, he/she will undergo a training program by the bank.

On the other hand, professional recruitments are for candidates who have working experience in the financial sector. This recruitment is for people that want to switch from one financial institution to the other.


The financial institution is among the highest employer of labour in Ghana. Every year, opportunities are open for interested candidates who wish to start a career in the banking sector. We believe you’ve learned about the requirements to becoming a banker in Ghana.

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