UEW Undergraduate Admission Form 2022/2023

The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) Undergraduate Admission Form for the 2022/2023 academic year is out online. Interested and qualified candidates should see full application details below.

UEW Undergraduate Admission Form

Applications are invited from qualified applicants for admission into the following programmes at the University of Education, Winneba for the 2022/2023 academic year.



UEW Undergraduate Full-Time Admission for 2022/2023 Academic Year



Regular Programmes

  1. B.Ed. Basic Education (JHS Option- specialization)
  2. B.Ed. Basic Education (Upper Primary: P4 – P6)
  3. B.Ed. Community-Based Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
  4. B.Ed. Counselling Psychology
  5. B.Ed. Early Grade Education
  6. B.Ed. Psychology
  7. B.Ed. Special Education
  8. Post-Diploma Basic Education (Junior High School)
  9. Post-Diploma Basic Education (Upper Primary: P4- P6)
  10. Post-Diploma Community-Based Rehabilitation & Disability Studies
  11. Post-Diploma Counselling Psychology
  12. Post-Diploma Early Grade Education
  13. Post-Diploma Special Education
  14. Diploma in Community-Based Rehabilitation & Disability Studies

Sandwich Programmes

  1. Post-Diploma in Early Grade Education
  2. Post-Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  3. Post-Diploma in Basic Education (Upper Primary: P4-P6)
  4. Post-Diploma in Basic Education (Junior High School)
  5. Diploma in Education
  6. Diploma in Early Grade Education
  7. Certificate in Preschool Education (Early Grade Education)


Regular Programmes

  1. B.A. English Education
  2. B.A. French Education
  3. B.A. French with English Education
  4. B.A. French with German Education
  5. B.A. Linguistics and Dagaare Education
  6. B.A. Linguistics and Dagbani Education
  7. B.A. Linguistics and Dangme Education
  8. B.A. Linguistics and English Education
  9. B.A. Linguistics and Ewe Education
  10. B.A. Linguistics and Fante Education
  11. B.A. Linguistics and French Education
  12. B.A. Linguistics and Ga Education
  13. B.A. Linguistics and Gonja Education
  14. B.A. Linguistics and Gurene Education
  15. B.A. Linguistics and Kasem Education
  16. B.A. Linguistics and Kusaal Education
  17. B.A. Linguistics and Nzema Education
  18. B.A. Linguistics and Twi Education

Sandwich Programmes

  1. Diploma in French Education


Regular Programmes

  1. B.Sc. Clothing and Textiles Education
  2. B.Sc. Family Life Management Education
  3. B.Sc. Food and Nutrition Education
  4. B.Sc. Integrated Home Economics Education


Regular Programmes

  1. B.Sc. Agriculture Education
  2. B.Sc. Biology Education
  3. B.Sc. Chemistry Education
  4. B.Sc. Environmental Health & Sanitation Education
  5. B.Sc. Environmental Science
  6. B.Sc. Health Administration & Education
  7. B.Sc. Information & Communication Technology Education
  8. B.Sc. Integrated Science Education
  9. B.Sc. Mathematics Education
  10. B.Sc. Mathematics Education with Economics
  11. B.Sc. Physical Education
  12. B.Sc. Physics Education
  13. B.Sc. Sports Coaching
  14. Post-Diploma in Health Administration & Education
  15. Post-Diploma in Information & Communication Technology Education
  16. Post-Diploma in Mathematics Education
  17. Post-Diploma in Sports Coaching
  18. Diploma in Coaching


  1. Certificate in Environmental Health & Sanitation


Regular Programmes

  1. B.A. Economics Education
  2. B.A. Geography Education
  3. B.A. History Education
  4. B.A. Political Science Education
  5. B.A. Religions and Moral Studies Education
  6. B.A. Social Studies Education


Regular Programmes

  1. B.B.A. Accounting
  2. B.B.A. Banking & Finance
  3. B.B.A. Business Information Systems
  4. B.B.A. Human Resource Management
  5. B.B.A. Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  6. B.B.A. Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  7. B.Sc. Accounting Education
  8. B.Sc. Insurance and Risk Management
  9. B.Sc. Management Education


Regular Programmes

  1. B.A Development Communication
  2. B.A. Journalism and Media Studies
  3. B.A. Strategic Communication


Regular Programmes

  1. B.A. Art Education
  2. B.A. Cosmetic & Beauty Culture Education
  3. B.A. Creative Arts and Design Education
  4. B.A. Fashion Design & Textile Education
  5. B.A. Graphic Design
  6. B.A. Music
  7. B.A. Music Education
  8. B.A. Theatre Arts
  9. B.F.A. Animation
  10. Post-Diploma in Art Education
  11. Post-Diploma in Graphic Design
  12. Post-Diploma in Music
  13. Post-Diploma in Music Education
  14. Post-Diploma in Fashion Design & Textile Education
  15. Post-Diploma in Theatre Arts
  16. Diploma in Art
  17. Diploma in Graphic Design
  18. Diploma in Music
  19. Diploma in Textiles and Fashion
  20. Diploma in Theatre Arts

Sandwich Programmes

  1. Diploma in Art
  2. Diploma in Graphic Design



Regular Programmes

  1. B.A. Dagaare Education
  2. B.A. Dagaare Education (with English)
  3. B.A. Dagaare Education (with French)
  4. B.A. Dagaare Education (with German)
  5. B.A. Dagaare Education (with Linguistics)
  6. B.A. Dagbani Education
  7. B.A. Dagbani Education (with English)
  8. B.A. Dagbani Education (with French)
  9. B.A. Dagbani Education (with German)
  10. B.A. Dagbani Education (with Linguistics)
  11. B.A. Dangme Education
  12. B.A. Dangme Education (with English)
  13. B.A. Dangme Education (with French)
  14. B.A. Dangme Education (with German)
  15. B.A. Dangme Education (with Linguistics)
  16. B.A. Ewe Education
  17. B.A. Ewe Education (with English)
  18. B.A. Ewe Education (with French)
  19. B.A. Ewe Education (with German)
  20. B.A. Ewe Education (with Linguistics)
  21. B.A. Fante Education
  22. B.A. Fante Education (with English)
  23. B.A. Fante Education (with French)
  24. B.A. Fante Education (with German)
  25. B.A. Fante Education (with Linguistics)
  26. B.A. Ga Education
  27. B.A. Ga Education (with English)
  28. B.A. Ga Education (with French)
  29. B.A. Ga Education (with German)
  30. B.A. Ga Education (with Linguistics)
  31. B.A. Gonja Education
  32. B.A. Gonja Education (with English)
  33. B.A. Gonja Education (with French)
  34. B.A. Gonja Education (with German)
  35. B.A. Gonja Education (with Linguistics)
  36. B.A. Gurune Education
  37. B.A. Gurune Education (with English)
  38. B.A. Gurune Education (with French)
  39. B.A. Gurune Education (with German)
  40. B.A. Gurune Education (with Linguistics)
  41. B.A. Kasem Education
  42. B.A. Kasem Education (with English)
  43. B.A. Kasem Education (with French)
  44. B.A. Kasem Education (with German)
  45. B.A. Kasem Education (with Linguistics)
  46. B.A. Kusaal Education
  47. B.A. Kusaal Education (with English)
  48. B.A. Kusaal Education (with French)
  49. B.A. Kusaal Education (with German)
  50. B.A. Kusaal Education (with Linguistics)
  51. B.A. Likpakpaanl Education
  52. B.A. Likpakpaanl Education (with English)
  53. B.A. Likpakpaanl Education (with French)
  54. B.A. Likpakpaanl Education (with German)
  55. B.A. Likpakpaanl Education (with Linguistics)
  56. B.A. Nzema Education
  57. B.A. Nzema Education (with English)
  58. B.A. Nzema Education (with French)
  59. B.A. Nzema Education (with German)
  60. B.A. Nzema Education (with Linguistics)
  61. B.A. Sisaali Education
  62. B.A. Sisaali Education (with English)
  63. B.A. Sisaali Education (with French)
  64. B.A. Sisaali Education (with German)
  65. B.A. Sisaali Education (with Linguistics)
  66. B.A. Twi Education
  67. B.A. Twi Education (with English)
  68. B.A. Twi Education (with French)
  69. B.A. Twi Education (with German)
  70. B.A. Twi Education (with Linguistics)


These requirements are to be met in addition to the other programme-specific requirements


Senior High School (SHS) Certificate Holders

  1. Must have at least, six (6) WASSCE Credit passes(A1-C6) including three (3) Core Subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies, as well as
  2. Three (3) Electives in relevant subjects with the total aggregate of 36 or better.
  3. Must also satisfy Special Programme requirement(s) for programme(s) chosen.

School Certificate/GCE Holders

  1. Five (5) credits at GCE “O” Level, including English Language and Mathematics as well as
  2. Two (2) “A” Level passes other than General Paper in relevant subjects

Diploma Holders

  1. Must possess a Higher National Diploma or its equivalence from previous field or area of study.
  2. Full-Time applicants may pass an interview.


Diploma in Basic Education

1. WASSCE Entry Requirement


Applicants must have Credit passes (A1-C6) in FIVE (5) subjects, comprising THREE (3) Core Subjects including English Language and Mathematics, and TWO (2) Elective Subjects relevant to the programme chosen.

2. SSSCE Entry Requirement

Applicants must have Credits (A-D) in FIVE (5) subjects, comprising THREE (3) Core Subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, and TWO (2) Elective Subjects relevant to the programme chosen.


1. WASSCE Entry Requirement

  1. Six passes (A1 – D7) in all subjects, including English Language and Mathematics; and
  2. Must possess a minimum of C6 in any three (3) of the passes relevant to the area of specialization.

2. SSSCE Entry Requirement

  1. Six passes (A-D) in all subjects, including English Language and Mathematics; and
  2. At least three (3) of the passes must be relevant to the area of specialization.


  1. Must be at least, 25 years by September 1, 2022.
  2. Should have a minimum of a GCE/SSSCE/WASSCE Certificate/ DBS or RSA certificate.
  3. Must pass the UEW Entrance Exam in General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Subject Area Test (SAT)

How to Apply for UEW Sandwich Admissions

Obtain an Application Voucher from any of the following Banks/Sources:

  1. All UEW Revenue Points
  2. Ghana Post
  3. GCB Bank Ltd
  4. IT Consortium (Mobile Money Sales)
  5. Zenith Bank Gh Ltd
  6. Consolidated Bank Gh Ltd
  7. Prudential Bank
  8. Republic Bank Gh Ltd
  9. Agricultural Development Bank
  10. Ecobank Ghana Ltd
  11. Stanbic Bank Gh Ltd
  12. First Atlantic Bank Ltd

Visit the University’s website at www.uew.edu.gh. Click on Admissions, and select Apply Online >>>. Log in with your Voucher Serial Number and PIN, fill an appropriate application form and submit online.


Cost of Online Application Forms

Cost of Online Application Forms (Bachelor’s degree and Diploma programmes)

  1. Direct Applicants                                          – GH¢220.00
  2. Mature Applicants                                         – GH¢350.00
  3. All Post-Diploma Applicants                        – GH¢220.00
  4. International Students                                   – USD 80.00 Dollars

Fee-paying facility is available to applicants who do not meet the competitive selection cut-offs but satisfy the minimum university requirements


  1. Special Education applicants should pass the entrance examination in their second programme before selection.
  2. Successful applicants of Ghanaian Language would be given the opportunity to offer a second subject in English/French/Linguistics/German.
  3. Physical Education and Sports Coaching applicants should not be more than Forty (40) and Fifty (50) years respectively.
  4. Submitting an application with supporting documents is the first step in the selection process. Applicants are entreated to study the admissions brochure carefully before completing an application.
  5. All certificates and results other than those from the West African Examinations Council, the Universities and Polytechnics in Ghana and institutions accredited by the National Accreditation Board should be cleared with the National Accreditation Board and the evaluation report submitted to the University. You can call 0302-518630, 286013/14, 518570 for assistance.

Closing Date for Submission of Application Forms

  • Direct Applicant:                    Friday, September 30, 2022
  • Post-Diploma Applicants:      Friday, September 30, 2022
  • Mature Applicants:                 Friday, August 12, 2022

Entrance Examination Dates 2022/2023

  1. Subject Area Test for Special Education candidates only (SAT)

Thursday, August 25, 2022 (Paper starts at 3:00 p. m.)

  1. Subject Area Test for all Mature Candidates including Special Education Candidates

Friday, August 26, 2022 (Paper starts at 8:00 a. m.)

  1. General Aptitude Test for all Mature Candidates.

Saturday, August 27, 2022 (Paper starts at 8:00)


  1. Please I had the following grades:
    Core subjects
    English C6
    C_Maths C5
    Science C5
    Social C6
    Electives Subjects
    Fin Acc C5
    Cost Acc A1
    Economics B3
    Bus Management A1
    Pls can I apply for degree programs like
    Business Administration
    Finance and accounting
    Human resources management, or
    Phycology or political science or sociology

  2. Actually when someone doesn’t understand after that its up to other viewers that they will help, so here it occurs.|

  3. Pls am Evans l had math c5, science c6, social b2, English c6,geography c4,economics c5,government b3,c.r.s.b3 .pls can l offer political science and economics

  4. Good evening Sir, please I have tried logging in with my serial and pin number for some days now but to no avail. Please I want to know the reason why is still not working. I am applying for a program in B.Ed. Early Childhood Education. I bought my form at Dansoman Ghana Post Office as a mature student.

  5. Good morning please I had
    Social studies D7
    English D7
    Mathematics B3
    Business management C4
    Clerical off duties C6
    Economics B3
    Can I apply

  6. Kombat David is my name i apply online for the post –
    diploma but i didn’t get any notification on my phone as to whether the application was successful. Any help

  7. Am John from Ashaiman. I had the following grades
    E MATHS D7
    How sure are you that I can obtain admission from your noble institution?

  8. Pls I want know if I can get admission to offer Bachelor of Art in social studies education with the fellow grade Engc6 Mathc4 sciB3 social c6 gvtB3 ECOS C6

  9. Please am Gifty I had
    social studies c6
    English E8
    Core Maths B3
    int. science B3
    Biology C4
    Foods and Nutrition B2
    MGT in living B2
    Gen knowledge in ART
    please can I offer Home Economics in Education at winneba campus

  10. Please l have D7 in English and wants to offer political science and economics.Do l qualify.If yes,please call me on 0544763905

    • How is the program combination for Ghanaian language to be specific Ewe.All the coursrs to be studied are they all on the same campus?
      I want clarification on that please

  11. Please I’m with
    English C6
    Maths C6
    Science C6
    Social B2
    Government B3
    Economics B3
    Geography D7
    E maths E8
    Will I get admission to social science.

  12. :Hello I respond to the Name Adzade Livingstone. I’d like to now if forms are out for 2020/2021 academic year. If yes how can I purchase one. And how much is the cost for undergraduates. And what am I going to do after I’ve purchased the form. Thank you

  13. Please my sis has D7 in English only and she want to apply for B. A Twi(Education) did she qualify? If yes please let me know or call me on 0248593036. Thanks

  14. Please, can I apply now for the 2020/2021 academic year admissions for B. Sc Mathematics or B. Sc Technology Education?
    You could also reach me on 0208 191 477 and 0248 862 242

  15. please with regard to the University of Education, Winneba. The Admission Forms is not yet in please for the 2020/2021 Academic Year please
    Contact me 0242545199 For any information about the forms thanks
    Bright UEW-K

  16. Am yakubu Hudad and I want to get addmission to winneba want to offer home economics education
    But I had five passes instead of six .please can I kindly get addmission to your noble campus

  17. Please I have applied for Bachelor in Arts but hasn’t receive any letter till now. So I humbly count on for usual admission

  18. please i want to find out weather uew offer bachelor of science ( agriculture education) by distance in your navrongo campus. Please reply me on time because i want to apply. Thank you.

  19. please, am Abraham ,I performed woefully in my exams, because of malpractices that exhibited in my school and my hall, which led to my failure. please , I had made several attempt to write NOVDEC but still am not getting, is it possible for me to apply for mature, DIPLOMA / DEGREE ,AND WHICH OF THIS PROGRAMMS can I apply , in your INSTITUTION, is there any grade for mature applicants. PLAESE ,awaiting for your advice,thanks

  20. Please ive bought sandwich forms but i dont need it anymore… Interested person should call me on 0541574215 so that we can talk about it….Thank you

  21. Am Desmond Badu from Ashaiman. I want to know whether the school run access course for the mature entrants. And if yes is it for extra fee or is part of de application form’s cost.


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