How To Study Nursing As A Course In Ghana And Requirements

Nursing has been a career with so much importance and relevance since the 19th century. Just like medicine continues to evolve so will nursing, simply because the medical field would always be incomplete without a nurse. Nurses are the caregivers and nurturers of our loved ones when they have extended stay in the hospital.

Why Study Nursing?

There are many reasons why people decide to study nursing in the university or school of nursing, some chose this path because of the shorter period it takes when compared to medicine while some have a natural flair for this field.


If you love Nurturing, Caring and Nursing people back to good health, then this could be a good career path for you. Nursing is a highly rewarding career which is not attributed to making money alone but a sense of accomplishment in saving human lives.

What Are the Areas Of Specialisation?

The field of medicine is quite a large one, because of this nurses have to specialise for proper efficiency as they climb up their career ladder. Some of the areas of specialisation include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Practice Registered Nursing
  • Case Management Nursing
  • Dermatology Nursing
  • Accident And Emergency Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Infection Control Nursing
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Community Health Nursing

What Are They Requirements To Study Nursing?

People who are eligible to study nursing are those who are science students with adequate knowledge in biology, physics, chemistry and other science-related courses at the secondary school level. Having a Science background makes it easier for you to understand some concepts that would be taught in nursing school. Furthermore, entry requirements require that you pass your science subjects very well before consideration for admission.

Where Can I Apply For Nursing In Ghana?

The duration for studying to become a nurse is dependent on which part you decide to follow, there are schools of nursing who give associate nursing degrees in 2 years while universities require a duration of 4 years.


Further specializations would require that you obtain a 2-year masters degree program or take professional courses organised by accredited institutions. some of the universities where you can apply to study nursing in Ghana include;


Although you might face some challenges in nursing school such as adapting to a new environment and understanding medical terminologies, with determination and hard work you would be on the path to start an amazing career that your future self would be grateful for.



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