Agricultural Consultant Job Description – What Are their Duties

Working as an Agricultural Consultant is a dream come true for some people. This might be because this field has a lot of experience which is relatable and easily accessible in the environment.

Some consultants also go on to make relevant contributions which would improve the work of farmers and also the quality of food crops one has access to in the community. Most times their work requires a bit of research and fieldwork to understand certain patterns that might be observed with farming.


 Job Profile of an Agricultural Consultant

Agricultural consultants specialise in giving both technical and financial information to individuals or government officials with an interest in the agricultural sector. Some of the areas where their advice come into play can be on improved methods for farm management, crop rotation and soil conservation.

Individuals looking to start their own farms usually ask for their advice. In the government sector, you can work as a consultant who gives advice to rural communities on agricultural issues. sometime you would be required to work for a longer hour than 9-5 or live in rural areas for the purpose of research.

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 Job Description for Agricultural Consultants

Your day-to-day activity would include;
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Routine inspection visits to farms
  • Evaluation of lands (texture and suitability)
  • Writing of reports and making a detailed presentation with relevant information
  • Giving recent and relevant knowledge in the field of agriculture to clients
  • Attending conferences and seminars to gain more insight into new techniques.

Skills Needed for an Agricultural Consultants Position

An Agricultural consultant should possess some of the listed skills to fit into the position;

  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem-solving and analytical Skills
  • Good marketing skills
  • Critical thinking abilities
  • Project management Skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Up-to-date knowledge of technicalities in the agricultural industry
  • Knowledge Microsoft Office tools (Excel, Word etc.)
  • IT Skills

Typical Employers of Agricultural Consultants

Some of the areas you can work in as an agricultural consultant include:

  • Ministry of agriculture
  • Research organisation
  • Agricultural based consulting firms
  • Farming co-operatives
  • International organisations(WHO)

Qualification for Agricultural Consultant

To become an agricultural consultant, you would need to have an undergraduate degree in agricultural sciences, Agric engineering or Agric economics. Taking a course in business administration or project management would be useful when making an advancement into management positions.

Furthermore,  relevant years of work experience especially on the field or with research should be obtained while working within different organisations.

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