How To Register for MTN Mobile Money in Ghana (2024)

Mobile Money transaction has become the order in Ghana especially with regards to making transaction easy, fast and convenient. However, to have access to this convenient platform, you need to complete the MTN Mobile Money registration process.

Statistics show that Ghana’s e-commerce is largely dominated by Mobile Money transactions, so it’s only wise that you get registered today. To get started with MTN Mobile Money registration in Ghana, follow these steps outlined below.

Importantly, you need a valid National ID Card, Passport, Driver’s License or Voter’s ID Card to be able to register for MTN Mobile Money in Ghana.


How to Register for MTN Mobile Money

  1. Visit the nearest MTN Mobile Money Authorised Merchant with a valid photo ID card (Voter ID, Drivers’ License, Passport).
  2. The Merchant captures your personal details and gives you a Mobile Money SIM card.
  3. Insert your Mobile Money SIM in your phone. You will receive an SMS asking you to register.
  4. Go to “My MTN” on your mobile phone and select “Mobile Money”.
  5. Select “Register” and enter your photo ID type and number.
  6. Select and repeat Mobile Money PIN (4 digits).
  7. You will receive a welcome message on your phone.

Once you are duly registered, ensure to keep your MTN PIN safe so that no one can have access to your MTN Mobile Money Wallet.

How to Register for MTN Mobile Money Online

You can also register for MTN Mobile Money online just be following the steps outlined below. However, you’ll need to have access to a mobile phone. It is also important to note that every transaction you make online must be followed by a receipt.

  1. Visit the MTN mobile money website
  2. To register online, for first timers, click register
  3. Enter your user name which is your phone number and PIN
  4. Enter captcha displayed below your user name
  5. Input the one time password sent to your phone
  6. Create a password that you can remember or keep the one generated for you as long as you can remember it
  7. Repeat the password in third space and click continue
  8. Authorize web access from your phone by dialing *126*1#

Also, you can use the MTN Mobile Money registration app to access your mobile money wallet. The MTN Mobile Money App is a one-stop shop for all MTN services.

Advantages of Using MTN Mobile Money

There are many gains that come with registering for MTN mobile services. Some of these include

  • Hassle free access to cash anywhere you are. Once you’ve registered for MTN Mobile Money, it’s very easy to use. You can seamlessly send and receive cash wherever you are.
  • MTN Mobile Money is safe. Once your pin is set, no one can withdraw your money without your authorization. Also, when you make a “wrong” transaction, you can still call MTN call centre and it will be almost immediately solved for you.
  • You can easily link your bank account and withdraw from any available MTN.

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If you have any difficulties registering MTN Mobile Money in Ghana, please call the MTN call centre on 100.

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  1. Is it true one person can register only 1 mtn number with mobile money? Eg. Assuming I have 3 mtn numbers, I can only register 1 for momo but not the others. How true is this? I got this information from a Momo Vendor

  2. I LIKE mtn so much mtn is the sim i like best i need mtn to do good things for me teach me how to register mtn momo account

  3. Pls how do I register momo on my own without going to the office? The mtn service for registration isn’t working

    1. It’s simple to apply for MTN Loan and you can check this out here:

      Best Regards…. Akwasi

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