List of Cheapest Universities in the Netherlands for International Students

For international students who wish to study in the Netherlands, we have compiled a complete list of low tuition universities in the Netherlands for International students.

Tuition fees in the Netherlands are quite affordable when compared to other study destinations like the U.S, U.K, Australia, and Canada. Tuition fees in the Netherlands depend on whether or not you are from an EU/EEA countries or not. Tuition fees for EU/EEA students is about 2000 EUR/year while international students from non-EU countries pay about 6,000 – 15,000 EUR/year.

Although there are various scholarship available in the Netherlands for international students, we will provide information on universities with low tuition fees for international students.



List of Low Tuition Universities in the Netherlands

  • Delft University of Technology
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Erasmus University of Rotterdam
  • The Hague University
  • Hogeschool Eindhoven
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Hogeschool van Utrecht
  • IJselland Polytechnic
  • Leiden University
  • Nijenrode University
  • Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden
  • Open University of the Netherlands
  • Tilburg University
  • University of Amsterdam
  • University of Groningen
  • University of Limburg
  • University of Nijmegen
  • University of Twente
  • Utrecht University
  • Vrije University
  • Wageningen University

Some Dutch Universities with their Annual Tuition Fees

  • University of Amsterdam  –   €12,000
  • University of Maastricht   –   €8000 – €13,00
  • Utrecht University    €6000 – €11,000
  • Delft University of Technology    –    €8,464 – €13,226
  • Eindhoven University of Technology   –  €6,700 – €15,000
  • Leiden University  –   €10,000 – €13,500
  • Saxon University the Netherlands  –  €7,800 – €11,000
  • University of Tilburg  –  €7,000 – €14,000
  • University of Twente     –  €5828 – €10,333

Most Affordable Dutch Universities

Check out the list of most affordable Dutch universities and their tuition fees for EU/EEA students.

  • Radboud University   –   €2,006
  • University of Twente (UT)    –    €1,950
  • Utrecht University     –       €2,006
  • HAN University of Applied Sciences    –   €2,006

Tuition Fees at Top-Ranked Dutch Universities

Here is a list of average tuition fees at the top-ranked Dutch universities for EU/EEA students:

  • Delft University of Technology   –   €2,000
  • University of Amsterdam   –  €1,900
  • Wageningen University and Research   –  €2,100
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam – €2,000 – €5,000



Benefits of Studying in the Netherlands

The undergraduate or postgraduate degrees obtained by international students from a Dutch university is internationally recognized. The Netherlands has been known as a knowledge center with rich study traditions and well-known universities. Universities in the Netherlands are also research-based which is highly valued at the international level.

Dutch universities offer courses and programs both in English and French Language. It is worthy of note that, the Netherlands is one of the first non-English speaking countries to offer programs in the English language for international students who would like to study in English.


The Dutch educational system is of high quality and is acknowledged worldwide for their well-designed, modern course and state of the art facilities.



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