5 Reasons To Study In Canada As An International Student

Studying abroad comes with a lot of opportunities or advantages if one is equipped with the right set of information before departing from their home country. There are so many factors one has to consider when applying to study in a new environment, some people might make these decisions solely on economics prospects or even emotional commitments.

Regardless of what the driving factor might be, It is even more important now as there are many study destinations around the world to choose from. But, in this article, I would share with you reasons why you should consider studying in Canada as an international student.


5 Reasons To Study In Canada As An International Student

1. Education

Studying in Canada is a great alternative for you if you have been looking to study in a country that can stand at par with European or American universities. A lot of students these days chose Canada as their study destination due to several reasons.


A Canadian degree is recognised internationally and considered an equal to schools in the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom, Asides this Canadian institution help with admission processing and other documentation needed for the ease of entrance into the country for prospective students.

2. Security

Canada is usually amongst countries ranked as the most peaceful countries to live in the world. You might be wondering why so?

Well, this is because unlike other countries where the crime rate can be very high, Canada has some of the lowest numbers for crime rates, violence and racism. Hence the reason why students choose to come to Canada. Furthermore, it is a country where the fundamental human rights of both citizens and foreigners are upheld and respected at all times.

3. Opportunities For Research And Internship

International Students have been able to get more practical experience in their field of study due to their exposure to many techniques during their internship in a related organization.


Many Postgraduate students are also able to ease the burden of tuition and other expenses that comes with the graduate school by working as teaching assistants or research assistants with their supervisors or department.

4. Friendly Immigration Rules

Canada tops the list for the countries with friendly immigration rules towards foreigners and international students living in their country. Unlike other places where you are placed on a temporary visa during your study with the condition that you return to your home country after your studies, There are several options one can explore during your study year in Canada.

For example, there is the option of postgraduate work permit which lets graduate students stay back for an opportunity t get some work experience, there are the express entry program and provincial nominee options for those looking to settle in some of the provinces in Canada.


5. You Could Become Bilingual

Canada has two official languages English and French. There are many provinces which speak either of the languages or both languages. This presents an excellent opportunity for people looking to improve their communication skills in both English and french.

Also if you decide to return to your home country or emigrate to another country, you being able to demonstrate that you are bilingual in the two most accepted languages in the world would give you an advantage when applying for job roles.


The economy in Canada and favourable laws in the country has increased the presence of people from different ethnic groups and cultures thereby increasing and improving cultural diversity in the nation. International students in Canada are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during school terms and full-time 30 hours per week during long vacations.


While it is expected that you work towards having good grades while in school, you should also take time out to explore the country which has amazing locations for hiking, touring or even going to fancy restaurants in the city on dates


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