How to Obtain Student Loans in Brazil as an International Student


People study abroad for different reasons, it might be for cultural exchange, food, educational value e.t.c. whatever the reason is, one mistake international students make is that they do not try to explore other continents asides Europe and America. Brazil has also in recent times been another destination for studying due to their warm climate, sports enthusiasm, vast culture and international ranking of their universities.

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Who Needs Student Loans?

Well, both citizens and international students need student loans based on their financial earnings, this is because most households do not have the same income hence some students might require some sort of financial assistance to aid their rent, tuition or daily expenses.

How Does Student Loan Work In Brazil

Actually, studying in brazil comes at a little or no tuition in public universities but private universities may charge up to $10000 depending on the course of study. In a bid to encourage international studies in the country there are also lots of scholarships and grants that are available to assist students with their expenses.

How Do I Apply For A Student Loan As An International Student In Brazil?

The challenge most people find with student loans is that it is not readily available to international students due to many reasons such as the fate of the repayment process when they eventually leave the country. However, there are local banks that may be willing to assist your financial needs. In preparing for your meeting with the bank’s loan manager you should go along with

  • Passport
  • Student I.D
  • Admission letter
  • Bank statements
  • Employment/Family finance history

Is there a Minimum Amount?

Well, there is no minimum amount for loans there are many factors to be considered before the loans are given out. For example, some banks would like to know what your tuition fee breakdown is to be certain that there is no alteration in the price, while some would rather give out little loans for rent, tuition and other little expenses.


Once your loan is approved, the repayment process is dependent on the interest rate and repayment plan you have discussed with the loan manager. However, due to the booming culture and economy in Brazil, you can consider taking a part-time job especially during summer as it would also improve your Portuguese speaking ability.

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