Top 10 Jobs for Geology Graduates

In my previous article, I talked about ecology as a career because it is a field associated with the environment. Geology also aims to understand several phenomena in our environment some of which includes the composition of the earth, mineral constituents e.t.c.

People who work as geologists tend to work in different countries and also have an interest in a number of areas such as Hydro, Petroleum geology and geophysics.

Educational Qualifications of a Geologist

Starting out, an interest in science courses such as physics, chemistry, and biology would give you the chance to have a basic knowledge at the end of your secondary education. After secondary education, applying to any university to study geology would be easier.


Most areas of specialisation in geology are carried out more at the postgraduate level, this is because it is expected that undergraduate training gives you exposure in basic aspects of geology.

Skills Needed for your Job Description

Some of these skills listed below increases better performances in your job description. They include:

  • Data analysis and interpretation skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Knowledge of different soil composition
  • Communication skills (oral and written)
  • Problem-solving abilities

Top 10 Jobs for Geology Graduates

Having obtained the appropriate educational qualifications and skills for the job, here are some of the areas you might work in as a Geologist;

1. Marine Geology

Marine Geology helps to understand the ocean, its constituents and the minerals present in the ocean.working in this field would require that you explore different aquatic environments for data collection.

2. Petroleum Geology

Geologists are very important in oil and gas because they help to identify new drilling sites for oil wells and further recommend other techniques that might be useful to get oil and its counterparts from older wells.

3. Geochemistry

With geochemistry, you can understand better the earth composition and content, this helps us understand certain occurrences better or in making better decisions to protect our environment.

4. Seismology

Seismology deals more with investigating the causes of earthquakes using seismic waves that are found within our environments. earthquakes, other disasters and how their activities are carried out are better understood using seismology.

5. Health and Safety Specialists

Health and safety are quite important in all fields, this is why getting a certification in health and safety would never be a waste of time. With a certification in health and safety, you would be more qualified to give recommendations on how geologists on the field can handle occupational hazards better.

6. Project Management

Moving into senior-level position would require more responsibilities which are administratively based including planning, budgeting and overseeing the works of your team.PROject management with respect to geology helps with proper planning and logistics preparation for employees working far away from the office.


7. Drilling Engineer

Drilling Engineers carry out their activities in conjunction with a team of scientists for oil exploration. A geologist on this team would ensure that the method utilised in drilling is not only safe but appropriate for the soil type and texture.

8. Academia

Being an academic would require that you carry out research and sometimes specialize in a particular field, with specialisation you have more knowledge and expertise to teach students on the recent advances in such fields.

9. Quarry Specialist

You can also work withing mining sites as a specialist or manager. The geologist identifies composition, texture and extraction methods suitable for different minerals. They also ensure that the quality of materials extracted from the earth’s crust are good and useful.

10. Environmental Consultant

Giving recommendations on how to protect the earth’s surface from erosion for example, or how to manage ocean currents from becoming turbulent would be some of your duties as an environmental consultant.


With your degree in geology and further specialization, carrying out certain technical work would be much easier for you given that you already have the technical knowledge. However, you would need to develop time and attention for longer days and hours especially when studying a new phenomenon or an event that is of great threat to the environment.


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