KPMG Ghana Salary Structure (See How Much They Pay)

KPMG salary structure in Ghana: How much does KPMG pay their staff in Ghana? If you’ve ever dreamt of working with one of the best auditing firms in the world or you just need to have an idea of how much they pay their staff, then you’re at the right place.


Besides the good salary structure, KPMG offers you the opportunity to build a wonderful career. They offer paid internship programmes and nice KPMG graduate trainee salary package. In this article, you’ll learn more about the company and KPMG Ghana salary structure.

About KPMG Ghana

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KPMG stands for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler. It is one of the biggest professional service and auditing firms in the world. KPMG is at the top of professional services networks along with other big auditing companies.

KPMG provides professional services such as financial audit, advisory services, and tax services. The firm has partners known as KPMG’s member firm in different countries across the globe.

KPMG Ghana is the KPMG member firm operating in Ghana. The KPMG Professional Services and the KPMG Advisory Services in Ghana offer their services to both local and international organisations within the business community. They are committed to making sure that their staffs, clients, and the communities they work with achieve their full potential.

KPMG Ghana Salary Structure

Lets now take a look at how much KPMG pay their workers in Ghana. The salaries of staff working with KPMG in Ghana vary considerably based on so many factors. A top management staff does not earn the same amount as an entry staff or an intern.

Aside from that, other factors include experience, academic qualification, the position occupied and others. The staff of KPMG also enjoys several other packages in addition to their basic salary. Furthermore, a staff of KPMG is entitled to other benefits like free lunch, great exposure, mentorship and allowances.

How Much Does KPMG Pay their Staff in Ghana?

As earlier mentioned, the salary structure of staff working with KPMG varies considerably. Also, most companies do not reveal their payment package to the public. However, from our gathering, below is what an average staff working with KPMG earns monthly in Ghana.

Manager: A Manager at KPMG Ghana in average earns between GHC15,200 and GHC17,100 monthly.

Senior Associate: A Senior Associate earns around GHC7,200 to GHC9,400 every month.


Advisory Senior Associate: Advisory Senior Associates earn around GHC6,800 to GHC7,500 monthly.

Advisory Associate: An Advisory Associate earns between GHC4,800 and GHC5,300 every month.

Semi Senior Associate: A Semi Senior Associate earns around GHC4,200 to GHC4,600 monthly

Audit Senior Associate: Audit Senior Associates are paid around GHC3,800 to GHC4,000 every month.

Trainee IT Consultant: A Trainee IT Consultant earns between GHC3,000 and GHC3,300 on a monthly basis.

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Associate: Associates at KPMG Nigeria earn around GHC2,500 to GHC3,000 monthly.

Audit Associate: Audit Associates are paid between GHC2,300 and GHC2,700 per month.

Senior Analyst: Senior analysts earn on average between GHC2,000 and GHC2,500 monthly.

Analyst: Analysts are paid between GHC1,500 and GHC1,800 per month.

Intern: The average salary of an intern is estimated at around GHC700 every month.


Having said that, they are other benefits given to employees of KPMG Ghana. Also, the actual amount paid to workers might differ from those quoted on this page. Generally, KPMG is one of the highest paying companies in Ghana. Their salary structure is among the most competitive in Ghana.

Now you know the KPMG Salary structure in Ghana and we hope that this information was useful to you. This report is based on the salary estimates submitted anonymously. Keep in mind that beyond the decent salary, you will get the opportunity to achieve your potential and have a long and successful career.



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