Top 10 Highest Paying Companies in Ghana


It’s the dream of many Ghanaian graduates to get a job with high paying companies. In fact, every worker or job seeker needs a good remuneration package for a job done.

The truth of the matter is that very few company actually pay good salaries to its employees. In as much as companies are bound by law not to pay below the Ghana minimum wage, most companies don’t actually consider that.

However, competition is high among applicants seeking to gain employment into these companies. Also, your salary package depends on your years of experience and position occupied in the company.

Be that as it may, there are some companies in Ghana that still pay something meaningful enough to make their employees smile home at the end of each month.

Now let’s take a look at some of the highest paying companies in Ghana.

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Highest Paying Companies in Ghana

One good thing about these companies is that they don’t only have a good pay package, they also provide a conducive working environment for employees.

Tullow Oil Plc

Tullow oil is one of the highest paying companies in Ghana. The company is a leading independent oil and gas exploration and production company. They have been operating in Ghana since 2006.

The Group has interests in 80 exploration and production licences across 15 countries which are managed as three Business Teams: West Africa, East Africa and New Ventures.

The company is majorly into oil exploration. Tullow offers a competitive reward package of basic salary, incentives and benefits to its employees.

Nestle Ghana

Nestle is one of the world’s largest food and beverage company. They are among the top-paying companies in Ghana today.

Apart from the basic salaries package, they also pay their staff members a number of benefits. For instance, the staff member has access to health insurance. However, the staff is not qualified for health insurance until he/she has spent between 6 to 12 months in the company as a staff.

Bank of Ghana

The Bank of Ghana is one of the highest paying government institutions in Ghana. It is the apex bank in Ghana.

The staff of the bank are entitled to huge financial benefits apart from their basic salaries. As a fresh graduate, it’s very difficult to get a job here due to high competition.

Deloitte Ghana

Deloitte is one of the leading auditing firms in the world. They are also one of the highest paying companies in Ghana.

The companies are always after top professionals in with auditing, consulting, management and tax-related skills.

The company operates as Deloitte & Touche (Ghana). Apart from having a high salary package, Deloitte also offers several benefits for a staff member.

KPMG Ghana

KPMG is one of the highest paying auditing firms in Ghana. The company provides audit, tax and advisory services.

The company prides itself as being the oldest professional services firm in Ghana. For a career person, KPMG is the right place to be.

Apart from the big paycheck offered to its staff member, KPMG also rewards high performance and nurture talents.

MTN Ghana

MTN Nigeria is the biggest telecommunication company in Ghana. They have thousands of centres all over the country and is one of the best-paying companies in Ghana.

Most of its staff members are Ghanaians and are being well paid. However, it is worthy of note that their salary structure differs considerably based on positions. Customer Care representatives do not earn the same as senior management staffs.

Ghana National Petroleum Commission

Ghana National Petroleum Commission (GNPC) is one of the highest paying companies in Ghana.

Ghana’s National Oil Company (NOC) was established in 1983 to support the government’s objective of providing an adequate and reliable supply of petroleum products and reducing the country’s dependence on crude oil imports, through the development of the country’s own petroleum resources.

GNPC pays its staff very well. In fact, fresh graduate recruited into GNPC are earning a huge sum of money as salaries. In addition to that, staff members are also entitled to other numerous benefits.


Ecobank is one of the leading commercial banks in Ghana. In Ghana, Ecobank has grown consistently over the years to become one of the well- recognized corporate brands in the banking industry.

When it comes to salary remuneration, they are one of the best. Staff members of the bank are well paid right from entry-level position to senior level.

Airtel Ghana

Airtel Ghana now known as AirtelTigo is the second largest network operator in Ghana. They are also one of the highest paying companies in Ghana today.

The salary package for staff members is very attractive. Both contract and a permanent staff of Airtel are enjoying good remunerations and other benefits.

Total Ghana

Total Petroleum Ghana Limited is part of the global Total Group, which is the fourth largest publicly-traded integrated international Oil and Gas Company in the world.

The company plays a very important role in the energy sector of the economy. Total Petroleum Ghana Limited has a large network coverage of 251 service stations in Ghana.

Their range of services cuts across the Aviation, Bitumen and Mining industries, besides the Manufacturing and Roads Sectors.

When it comes to salary package, Total Ghana is among the best paying company. Both fresh graduates and experienced staff are well paid with other benefits.


Keep in mind that high paying job comes with high demands. Also, salary packages may differ across different positions and years of experience. As a fresh graduate, you’ll not earn like a senior staff.

However, the longer you stay in the company the higher your salary. Note also that some benefits offered by some of these companies are tied to some specific task. So you need to fulfil your task to benefit.


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