Nestlé Ghana Salary Structure (See How Much They Pay)


Nestlé Ghana Salary Structure: How much do Nestlé pay their workers in Ghana? If you’ve ever dreamt of working with Nestlé or you just need to have an idea of how much they pay their staff, then you’re at the right place.

Before we go to how much Nestlé Ghana pay their workers, let’s first of all look at what Nestlé stands for. What they really produce.

About Nestlé

Nestlé is one of the leading beverages companies in the World. The company has been in existence for over 150 years and has a global presence. Milo, Ideal Milk, Nescafe, Chocomilo, Maggi Cube, Cerelac, Golden Mourn are among the most fundamental consumable foods produced by Nestle and found in probably every household in Ghana.

Nestle’s has a very pleasant, supportive and collaborative working environment. They also encourage staff productivity with their wonderful packages.

Nestlé Ghana Salary Structure

Let’s now take a look at how much Nestlé pay their workers in Ghana. The salaries of Nestlé workers in Ghana vary considerably depending on so many factors. A top management staff does not earn the same amount as an entry staff.

Aside from that, other factors include experience, academic qualification, the position occupied and others. Furthermore, a staff of Nestlé is entitled to so many other benefits like a free meal, free medical care, product pack, transportation, accommodation (upfront payment) different types of break-time games and a family open day where everyone including their families come together to celebrate.

In fact, apart from the salary, you stand to benefit a lot working for Nestlé. Having said that, let’s take a look at Nestlé Ghana salary structure.

How Much Does Nestlé Pay their Staff in Ghana?

As earlier mentioned, the salary structure of staff working with Nestlé varies considerably. Also, most companies do not reveal their payment package to the public. However, from our gathering, below is what an average staff working with Nestlé earns monthly in Ghana.

  • Safety Officers earn around GHC9,500
  • Channel Development Managers earn around GHC8,800
  • Regional Sales Managers earn around GHC7,570
  • Head of Marketing earn around GHC7,570
  • Production Supervisors earn around GHC6,000
  • Sales Managers earn around GHC4,500
  • Quality Control Managers earn around GHC4,000
  • Insurance Officers earn around GHC3,500
  • Medical Delegates earn around GHC3,500
  • Field Sales Managers earn around GHC3,500
  • Warehouse Managers earn around GHC3,500
  • Nutrition Advisors earn around GHC2,800
  • Operations Officers earn around GHC2,250
  • Sales Development Managers earn around GHC2,250
  • Graduate Trainees earn around GHC2,200
  • Nursing Officers earn around GHC1,950
  • Recruitment and Training Officers earn around GHC1,820
  • Sales Officers earn around GHC1,500
  • Brand Managers earns about GHC1,500
  • Mechanical Engineers earn around GHC1,200
  • Health Administrative Officers earn around GHC1,200
  • Account Manager earn around GHC1,000
  • Drivers earn around GHC757
  • Forklift Operators earn around GHC757

Having said that, they are other benefits given to staff of Nestlé. Also, the actual amount paid to workers might differ from those quoted on this page. Generally, beverage companies are always one of the highest paying companies in Ghana. Their salary structure is among the most competitive in Ghana.

Nestlé pays close attention to its employees a lot in terms of building skills, wages and other related benefits. You too can join the trend, by applying for Nestlé Ghana recruitment.

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