Ghana Education Service (GES) Salary Structure

In this article, we will be showing the Ghana Education Service (GES) salary structure. They have been a lot of queries with regards to the GES salary structure and pay scale. It might interest you to know that staff under the GES are paid using the single spine salary structure (SSS).

But before we talk about how much teachers earn in the Ghana Education Service, we have to first understand what the single salary structure (SSS) entails.



What is the Single Spine Salary Structure?

The single spine salary structure was introduced for public workers and that includes those in the teaching services. The salary structure as a system came to replace the former Ghana Universal Salary Structure (GUSS) in 2010.

GES Salary Structure

With the introduction of the SSS structure, the pay structure of public workers in Ghana was totally overhauled. It was introduced to bring satisfaction to staff under government payroll. The Single Spine Salary structure is based on the Spine Pay Policy that is based on a system that awards workers based on different levels of pay depending on the basis of qualification.

The pay structure also rewards workers based on their level of experience and the type of tasks they perform. The reward is presented as salaries and a pay rise during a promotion.

It is also worthy of note that the Ghanaian Single Spine Salary structure is quite different from the orthodox spine pay structure. This is because the orthodox single spine salary structure offers the same pay grade for all workers.

In the Ghana system, the structure is used differently by sectors of the civil service and therefore workers are paid using different grades individually. Just like every other public sector, the Ghana Education Service (GES) employs this pay structure in paying teachers.

Ghana Education Service (GES) Salary Structure

With the knowledge of the Single Spine Salary Structure, lets now take a lot at how much teachers earn in Ghana.

Before the single spine salary structure was implemented, this is how much Ghanaian teachers were paid.

Teachers below or equal to the rank of a principal superintendent in GES earned between 100 –  400 GH¢.

Teachers above the level of principal superintendent earned between 500 – 800 GH¢.

Following the implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure and the increment of the minimum wage, they were a pay rise based on the ranks in Ghana Education Service.

We have compiled the salary structure of teachers based on their rank in the Ghana Education Service.


The Director-General is the highest rank in the Ghana Education Service. To attend this rank, one has to be appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the GES Council. The appointee can also serve for a maximum of four (4) years.

Additionally, the Director-General is the highest-paid personnel in the Ghana Education Service. He is also entitled to allowances such as clothing allowances, travel allowances amongst others.

The position of the DG of GES has an annual salary of GH¢75,050.10. This translate to a gross monthly salary of GH¢6,254.175

Deputy Director-General

The Deputy Director-General is the second highest-earning official of the GES. The position of the Deputy DG comes with an annual salary of GH¢65,581.98. This translate to a gross monthly salary of GH¢5,465.165.


Assistant Director I

Next on the cadre is the position of Assistant Director I. The position of Assistant Director 1 comes with an annual salary of GH¢37,600.45. That is to say, an Assistant Director I monthly take-home is GH¢3,133.370.

However, before one can achieve this rank, he or she must serve as the Assistant Director II for a minimum of 3 years and thereafter pass a promotion aptitude test conducted by the GES.

Assistant Director II

The Assistant Director II of the Ghana Education Service earns a gross yearly salary of GH¢S29,1999.72. This means that the monthly gross salary is GH¢2,433.31.

Principal Suprintendent

The Principal Superintendent (PS) earns a gross yearly salary of GH¢23,852.14. This translate to a gross monthly salary of GH¢1,987.678.

Senior Superintendent I

Teachers on the Senior Superintendent I level have a gross yearly salary of GH¢21,197.30 with a monthly gross of GH¢1,766.441.

Senior Superintendent II

Diploma holders who are recruited by the GES are placed on this grade level. The gross annual salary of a Senior Superintendent II is GH¢18,837.96 with a monthly gross salary of GH¢1,569.83.


The rank of a teacher is mostly for individuals who were employed by the GES with a non-educational certificate. The gross annual salary is GH¢14,877.87 with a monthly gross salary of GH¢S1,239.823.

It is also important to note that the minimum wage was increased by 6% in 2021 which means the teacher’s salary also increased.


  1. The information you provided is not accurate. As at 2021, the salaries quotes above was way below the gross of each rank.

  2. Between the Deputy Director-General and the Assistant Director 1, there is the:
    1. Director 1 (Regional/Divisional Directors),
    2. Director ll (District/HQS Unit Directors), and
    3. Deputy Director (SHS Heads, Front Line/Snr. officers @ the District Offices and Snr Teachers.

  3. I want to the salary of typist, stenographer, stenographer secretary and principal secretary and private secretary? And other non teaching staff?


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