Copywriter Job Description – What Are Their Duties

Copywriters work alongside editors, advertising managers or other members in the creative department to conceive, develop and produce effective copy for various campaigns.

Usually, Copywriters write effective copies that can be used for the following purposes:

  • creating headlines
  • slogans
  • catchphrases
  • writing for social media and mobile applications
  • creating scripts for radio jingles and TV commercials.

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Job Profile For Copywriters

Every successful copywriter has something in common, this is their love for writing. The success of any copywriter is dependent on how phrases they make can resonate with the minds of potential clients.

This is why big brands spend heavily on copywriting especially when launching their new collections or making commercials. An example of an excellent copywriting phrase that comes to mind is Nike’s “Just Do It ” campaign.

Excelling as a copywriter requires that you are very creative, pay attention to details, have a flexible learning style and are open to collaborations with people from other departments such as Public relations, marketing e.t.c

One good thing you should know as a future copywriter is that although a degree in English or journalism is suitable for employment, these days companies give jobs to individuals who are skilled and have a portfolio to demonstrate their expertise.

Job Description For Copywriters

As a copywriter, your daily activities would involve;

Your daily activities and responsibilities while working in advertising would include;

  • Writing content for social media
  • Produce error-free content which are of high-quality and in adherence to the company’s style guide.
  • Manage multiple projects with short deadlines.
  • Propose concepts for a copy while also presenting the underlying strategy to the team lead
  • proofread copy to check spelling and grammar
  • amend, revise or redevelop adverts or campaigns in response to feedback from the creative director or clients
  • oversee campaigns through the production stage to completion
  • keep up to date with popular culture and trends in the media
  • monitor the effectiveness of all campaigns carried out by other team members.

What Skill Should I Have As A Copywriter?

Some of the relevant skills required as a copywriter include;

  •  Problem-solving skills
  • Creative thinking and decision making skills
  • Knowledge of copywriting techniques
  • Organizational Skills
  •  Good presentation skills
  • Good eye for details
  • Research and writing skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Project management
  •  Teamwork
  • Time management and Positive mental attitude
  • Proofreading skills

Where Can I Work With As A Copywriter?

A career in copywriter would enable you to work in the following organization;

  •  Advertising Firms
  • Radio Stations
  • Tv Stations
  • Newspaper and Magazine outlets
  • Digital Marketing Firms

What Steps Can I Take To A Successful Copywriter?

Having a degree in advertising, english, mass communication, journalism or public relations would enable you to get an entry-level job in most organisations.

But due to the high level of competition from graduates of other disciplines, it is important that you continue to improve your skills as a copywriter and n some areas such as social media marketing, digital marketing, content creation etc. to give you an advantage over other applicants during a Job application Process.


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