Five Most Useful Lifehacks to Help you Save Time Writing Essays

It is quite common to have limited time to produce quality college or university essays. Whereas it is not a good idea to wait until the last minute to do your essays, it is important to save time during this noble process.

Saving time when writing essays requires you to pay attention to the writing environment while adhering to the instructors’ expectations. The following are the five most useful hacks that can help you save time when writing essays.


Block distracting notifications

Today’s digital space is characterized by the sound and sight of smartphone and desktop notifications that could hamper your ability to write essays fast. The distractive notifications can influence your ability to write smoothly and consistently because you have to keep checking your device from time to time.

Use specific apps for windows to turn off the internet connection for a particular time and enjoy a distraction-free window without access to social media. Using distraction blockers to block websites when writing an art essay is a great way to remain focused.

Set many blocklists before you start any writing session and use lockdown mode to edit the blocklists. Some blockers have options for sounds- the ambient noises from nature or the general environment.

Create an initial draft by hand

Scribbling thoughts and notes with a pen is a good way to get started with essay writing. You can understand how to organize the ideas in writing before typing them into your computer. If you find it difficult to jot down ideas before typing, seek writing help from professionals.

Save time writing essays with professionals

Organizing ideas and thoughts on paper for many students in college before typing the final work still takes lots of time and effort. When faced with difficulties when writing some assignments, I hire someone to write my essay and hence save a lot of time. Edubirdie is the best online content writing service that can write fast and with a high level of professionalism. The professionals will write your paper for you and simplify your education pursuits in the long run.

Build essay maps

Organizing thoughts and ideas through visualization is a powerful way of writing essays faster. Creating essay maps entails coming up with some essay copies containing information for finding the links between ideas.

One of the ways to visualize essays at the initial stages is to draw a relevant map on a piece of paper. Use a pencil while keeping an eraser on standby in case of any mistakes or a need to incorporate new ideas.

Modern technology may call for the need to use relevant apps to visualize essays. Download an app on a smartphone, PC, or tablet or use online resources to arrange ideas. Some websites may have step-by-step procedures that you can follow to complete your essay.

Take some breaks when writing

Split a laborious and long essay into various stages and take short breaks in between to boost energy. One of the techniques that you can use to enhance productivity and save time is the Pomodoro management method. This technique aims at breaking the work into small manageable steps, with short breaks of five minutes after every twenty-five minutes.

Frequent and regular pauses in essay writing activities can improve efficiency and speed compared to working continuously without breaks. However, longer breaks could be harmful because they can distract you from the main task.

Write in a sound environment

Creating the right mood for writing an essay requires turning on sounds that promote order. Additional noise may be distractive but a sound environment does not mean listening to something when writing.

To solve the problem of lack of energy and spirit for the writing task, turn on the sound of nature such as rain, river, or sea. You could also turn on classical music, songs of your favorite artist or band, a few minutes before starting to write.

If you get distracted easily, leave some moderated sounds on during the entire writing period. This strategy does not work for all people and some may opt to turn it off. As such, writing in a sound environment depends on whether you get distracted easily when writing or not.


Saving time when writing essays should be an ultimate goal for every student because many tasks have defined submission deadlines. The above life hacks can enhance your productivity and efficiency and enable you to write your essays faster. Some may work for you while others may not, so the hacks to choose will depend on your individual preferences. Finding professional help may also be a great way to have your essays completed fast.

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