9 Best Online Services Each Student Should Try Today


We live in an age of information technology. Now the Internet and sites give us a lot of opportunities. Students can watch lectures online, contact faculty, and buy research papers at Essayshark with ease. However, this is not the whole range of possibilities offered to us by the Internet. We have compiled a list of the best online services that every student should try.

1. Evernote

Use Evernote to save ideas and everything that you see and are interested in. Then find the saved recordings on any computer or device. It is totally free.

Evernote is great for taking notes, saving interesting web pages, voice messages, business card photos, to-do lists and many more.

2. Grademate

A free organizer that can be used by any user, but nevertheless it is closest to students. The web application will help you create a list of necessary tasks, manage dates on your calendar, as well as mark the time and place of practical training at the institute. Now lecture files, schedules, assignments – all this is stored in GradeMate.

GradeMate is a really simple and useful service for students.

3. Diigo

The most useful and convenient resource for collaboration in finding information is Diigo. Diigo empowers a successful collaborative research. You can easily share the link, complete with comments and notes, with your companions and partners. A development team, class, or club can make a gathering on Diigo to unite themed assets to investigate and talk about together.

Diigo is able to save web pages completely, that is, the service can be used as an advanced social bookmarking service. There is also the possibility of providing the stored material to another user, as well as tracking the flow of user bookmarks, dividing them by tags.

A particularly interesting function of this service is the ability to create a data warehouse for a specific group – for employees or fellow students.

4. Mindmeister

When you are planning something, there is nothing better than arranging good old brainstorming. It can be arranged both for oneself and in a community with colleagues/fellow students. For example, you need to implement a project – in this case, you should first outline all the possible solutions through brainstorming, and then you just need to highlight the best ideas. This service will help after all to create a “classifier of ideas and thoughts.” Discounts are provided for students, and the basic version of the account is completely free. Of course, the functionality of the basic version is somewhat reduced, but this will be enough for the vast majority of users.

5. EtherPad

It brings a collaboration with documents to a whole new level. Google Docs also allows you to work with documents together with other people, but EtherPad allows you to see what and how colleagues write while working with a document. In addition, this service includes a VoIP module. In principle, the service is paid, but you can get by with a basic account. Note that EtherPad is an analog of the tool already described above – Diigo. But there are some differences, both in the interface and in functionality.

6. Sliderocket

Presently, a presentation is an integral part of any project. Students especially feel the need for a reliable tool to quickly create presentations. It may well happen that the PowerPoint application known to all of us will not be on the computer where you are currently working. In this case, Sliderocket will come to the rescue, whose sole task is to help create and save presentations. Compared with Google Docs, immediately catches the eye the more extensive functionality of Sliderocket, but the above is relevant only for working with presentations. The service is not intended for anything else.

7. YouTube EDU

YouTube EDU is an educational multimedia platform that has combined the channels of universities in many countries of the world. All these universities publish their own popular science films, lecture notes, and faculty presentation videos on the indicated resource.

8. Google Books

Interesting service from Google, which allows everyone to view books both in free (as a rule, this category includes books whose authors died more than 70 years ago) and paid access. The latter is subject to copyright law requiring Google to pay authors for posting on the Web.

9. Zoho

It is a very famous project, which in some ways even surpasses the similar Google Docs project. The resource represents a wide range of various services that allow you to collaborate with documents, including financial ones, conduct web conferences, webinars, and track project progress in real-time.

Final Thoughts

The network now has a lot of useful services for students. Using them you can greatly facilitate learning and increase your grades. Our selection includes various resources with educational video materials, services organizers, services for saving notes and a list of necessary tasks, services for presentations, for working with documents, searching for the necessary educational literature, etc. We hope you find useful service among them.

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