List of Cheapest Universities in Cyprus for International Students

For international students who wish to pursue their study in Cyprus, we have compiled a complete list of low tuition universities in Cyprus for International students.

When choosing a study destination, it is best to choose a country that is safe with low tuition fees. One such study destination is the Republic of Cyprus. Tuition fees in Cyprus universities are low and affordable.

Apart from the low tuition universities, the cost of living in Cyprus for international students is quite low and affordable. Also, various higher institutions in Cyprus offer courses taught in English. Undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to study in Cyprus have a wide range of universities to choose from.


Cheapest Universities in Cyprus

When compared to other European countries, tuition fees in Cyprus universities are very low and affordable. Tuition fees for international students in Cyprus vary depending on the course of study and the school of study.

On average, international undergraduate students can pay as much as 3500 EUR/year. Some specialize courses like Pharmacy and Medicine might command up to 7000 EUR/year as tuition fee. Tuition fees for international Postgraduate students (Master and PhD) range from 2000 EUR to 2500 EUR with respect to the course of study.


Tuition Fee for Bachelor’s Degree in Cyprus

How much will it cost to earn a bachelor’s degree in Cyprus? Keep in mind that you must complete a four-year undergraduate programme before you are awarded a bachelor’s degree at a Cyprus University.

Enrolling for a full-time bachelor’s degree programme will cost below 3500 EUR/year. However, international students can pay as high as 7000 EUR/year for some special courses.


Tuition Fee for Postgraduate Degree in Cyprus

How much will it cost to earn a Masters or a Ph.D. in Cyprus? A full-time Masters programme at a Cyprus University is two years while a full-time Ph.D. programme is three years.

Enrolling for a full-time postgraduate programme will on average costs 2000 EUR to 2500 EUR per year. The tuition fee may vary depending on the school and the course of study.

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List of Low Tuition Universities in Cyprus

  • Eastern Mediterranean University
  • European University of Lefke
  • University of Cyprus
  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • Open University of Cyprus
  • European University Cyprus
  • Frederick University
  • University of Nicosia
  • Neapolis University
  • Cyprus International University
  • Near East University
  • Girne American University
  • University of Kyrenia

List of Cheapest Colleges in Cyprus

  • American College
  • Atlantis College
  • Alexander College
  • Casa College
  • CDA college
  • City Unity College Nicosia
  • College of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • CTL Eurocollege
  • Cyprus Academy of Art
  • Cyprus Institute of Marketing
  • Cyprus International Institute of Management
  • Global College
  • InterNapa College
  • KES College
  • Larnaca College
  • Ledra College
  • Mesoyios College
  • MKC City College
  • PA College
  • Philips College



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